28 Things to do During Quarantine

    Being stuck inside with what feels like nothing to do is such a drag. Especially with classes still in session, I’m struggling to split my time between school and off-time/ I’m almost always thinking of school. When I’m not doing schoolwork, I am bored, and then I feel guilty for not doing schoolwork. So, I started setting strict time aside to do other activities instead of doing homework until I burn out. Don’t know what to do? Run through this list and see if anything jumps out at you. 

If Wisconsin can finally warm up, that would make everything a ton easier. If you are lucky enough to be somewhere warm or you are reading this when it is greater than freezing, here are some outside activities: 

1. Take your pet for a walk (I’ve even taken my cat on a walk)

2. Go for a bike ride 

3. Wash your car by hand, maybe even your parents!

4. Driveway Chalk Art for people to see when they walk by

5. Go on a walk, put on some tunes and enjoy the fresh air. I like to take my walks and be thankful I am healthy enough to be walking and able to take deep breaths during this time! 

6. Read a book outside

7. Garden

8. Go for a drive (gas is cheap at the moment and not for long)

hawaii girl happy biking fun peace Tessa Pesicka / Her Campus

When you’re not outside, there are plenty of things to do to keep busy and occupied. What have you really been wanting to do? Are there projects you have been putting off?

1. Redo your room setup 

2. Go through your closet 

3. Declutter your space

4. Clean and actually dust underneath objects 

5. Color

6. Read

7. Play card games online (with friends)

8. Play video games  (with friends)

9. Facetime 

10. Online (window) shopping 

11. Spend time with family and start a game night

12. Cook dinner or try to bake something new 

13. Try Dalgona Coffee that’s trending right now

14. TikTok scrolling

15. Start a new Pinterest board

16. Make a list of things you want to do once out of quarantine 

17. Mini at-home workouts or a full sweaty workout, whatever gets you moving 18. Journal 

19. Paint your nails, do a facial, take a bubble bath, all the self-care things

20. Relax, breathe, and meditate. Take this extra time inside to slow yourself down. 

barcelona spain abroad europe water sea sunny summer blue be happy car .pdf Cameron Smith / Her Campus

There is a light at the end of this tunnel, and we will reach it! Stay inside and stop the spread of this nasty virus that has honestly ruined too many things. I hope there were some things you haven’t done already on this list, there’s a reason I didn’t include binging Netflix. Last but not least, unless you happen to be a hairstylist, don’t cut your own bangs!