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21 Reasons Why My Sister is My Best Friend

We all have that one special person whom we admire, share inside jokes, give advice and most importantly, mock. For me that one special person is my sister Tess. Tess is someone that I didn’t know I needed but now can’t function without. I want to share with the world why that is. Tess recently turned the big 2-1 and she (and I) couldn’t be more thrilled. With that in mind, I want to take 21 minutes to give 21 reasons why Tess is my best friend and soulmate.

  1. 1. She gives the best advice

    Rather it would be about my love life, school conflicts or if I should drink Dr. Pepper or Coke, Tess is my go-to person for advice.

  2. 2. She makes me smile

    That seems cliche, but it’s true. From her stories to jokes that make me roll my eyes to her little catchphrases, she never ceases to put a smile on my face.

  3. 3. Her “Oh My Gosh!”

    For those of you who don’t know my sister, the way she says “oh my gosh” is very dramatic, but also there is this cuteness to it that makes my heart smile. 

  4. 4. Her breakfast choices

    Her breakfast diet contains popcorn, pretzels, and chocolate Reese’s pieces. She calls it her trail-mix. I call it trash-mix. 

  5. 5. Her dedication

    When that girl wants something, she will work her butt off to get it. Her drive inspires me to go the extra mile, just like she does.

  6. 6. Her organization

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    I’m the cleaner one, but she is more organized than I am without doubt! She carries a HUGE planner with important dates, events, and information. I can always rely on her when I have questions about life updates, like when her birthday is. 

  7. 7. Her love for The Bachelor and reality shows in general

    She says some amazing things about The Bachelor such as, “I feel like not being able to swim would be a big plotline for me in the show.” I can’t swim either so I’m with you sister. Also, her passion and analysis makes the show 100 times more entertaining. 

  8. 8. Her love for the “Golden Girls”

    I think she is Rose, but it’s hard to say. 

  9. 9. She always puts me first

    That might sound vain, but whenever I have a conflict, she puts whatever is going on in her life away to make sure that I’m okay. There are times that after I’ve finished with my problem I see that there are ten things that Tess pushed aside just so she can help me. 

  10. 10. Her strength

    Tess has been through a lot and she’s come out on top and pushed through. Her strength is incredible to the point that I can’t even describe it (which I should be able to since I’m a writer, but oh well).

  11. 11. Her indecisiveness when it comes to shopping

    When she cannot decide what clothes to wear, it drives me up the wall, but is also very funny because she gets really into the whole process and it becomes the only thing that matters to her in the moment.

  12. 12. Her inability to stop shopping

    I’ll walk in her room and Tess is getting rid of four shirts and then the next day she’s buying six new ones. It’s an endless cycle that makes me roll my eyes.

  13. 13.  Her willingness to share

    When I was adopted, she shared her toys, room and life with me. Now, she shares gossip, popcorn (when she isn’t looking) and the living room so that we can watch trashy TV together. She also shares her love with me...isn’t she the best?

  14. 14. She’s supportive

    No matter what I do or say, I know that Tess will have my back and support my choices (even if they’re a little questionable). 

  15. 15. She can cook!

    Less work for me and the food tastes great! (We won’t talk about that time when the pan exploded on the stove though).

  16. 16. She accepts me

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    She lets me rave about how hot Justin Timberlake is and how Taylor Swift is a queen with little external judgment.

  17. 17. She’s always down for a good time

    Whether it be dancing in the kitchen, singing to country music in the car or playing football in the house, her fun side gives me a high I never knew I needed.

  18. 18. She has the patience to deal with my problems

    Sometimes I do stupid things like download Bumble or get lost in Madison. Whatever my dilemma may be, she is always there to listen to my problems, no matter how insignificant, and pull me out of my misfortunes without judgment.

  19. 19. How resourceful she is

    Tess helped me soooooo much when it came to college and school. With my applications, scholarships and essays; she literally saved me. I don’t know what I’d do without her.

  20. 20. She’s a shoulder to cry on

    I can go cry to her about anything and she’ll say, “It’s okay, I got you, let it out.”

  21. 21. Her faith in God

    This is the biggest aspect of her that I love. She puts her heart and soul in her faith and it is so inspiring to witness a saint right in front of my eyes. 

Overall, I am so lucky to have Tess in my life as a sister, friend and partner in crime. Tess, whenever you’re feeling down, don’t forget about all the reasons why I love you. I hope everyone can see and continue to see how amazing this human is and how she deserves nothing but the best in this beautiful world.