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The 21 Dad Crushes We’ve All Had

You know when you’re watching a movie or a show and all of the sudden the dad walks in and you’re like, “Whoa”? Well, it’s time that these charming, comical, handsome father figures get some credit! Here are 21 dad crushes we’ve all had:

1. Uncle Jesse – Full House

2. Nick Parker – Parent Trap
3. President Fizgerald Grant – Scandal

4. Rufus Humphrey – Gossip Girl

5. Alex – Safe Haven

6. Brian O’Conner – Fast and Furious

7.  Don Draper – Mad Men

8.  Elliot Stabler – Law & Order SVU

9.  Morris Chestnut – Like Mike

10. Edward Cullen – Twilight: Breaking Dawn

11. Mike O’Donnell – 17 Again

12. Phil Dunphy – Modern Family

13. Pete – Knocked Up

14. John – Marley & Me

15. Luke – Place Beyond the Pines

16. Cal – Crazy Stupid Love

17. Graham – The Holiday

18. Felipe – Eat Pray Love

19. Dexter Morgan – Dexter

20. Jaime Lannister – Game of Thrones

21. Joe Kingman – The Game Plan

Cute dads always steal the show!

Daniella Davidoff is currently a sophomore studying Journalism and Strategic Communications at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. In addition to blogging and writing for Her Campus, Daniella is passionate about music, traveling, social media and health. In her free time, you can find her trying new workouts, binge watching the newest Netflix series and scanning Spotify for up-and-coming artists.
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