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2020 is The Year of Girl Power Movies

The film industry is due for an update. The industry has been dominated by men for years, and 2020 is the women’s turn to shine. There are more female-oriented and directed movies coming out this year portraying women as more than just a love interest. Finally, women are finding representation as superheroes, fighters and strong lead characters. Here are a few of the upcoming movies that will feature women in these roles!


Birds of Prey

Release Date: February 7th, 2020

Birds of Prey is a spin off of the 2016 film Suicide Squad. It follows main character Harley Quinn, fresh off a toxic breakup with the Joker, coming into her own and becoming a superhero. It is definitely a girl-power movie as it stars Margot Robbie, has a badass female filled soundtrack (Doja Cat, Megan Thee Stallion, Normani, Halsey!) and has a female director. 



Release Date: March 27th, 2020

Mulan is a live-action version of the critically acclaimed 1998 movie, which was based on a true story. It follows the story of Mulan, a female in Ancient China who disguises herself as a man to fight in the war. This is both a win for females and for the real Mulan as the movie is being remade to accurately portray the real Mulan’s life and follow traditional Chinese culture. Disney is attempting to avoid whitewashing and Americanizing this movie, which is a big step for the company. The main character is a badass female, and this movie has a female director. 


Black Widow

Release Date: May 1st, 2020

Black Widow is a stand-alone film for the superhero Black Widow. She has been featured as one of the Avengers but has never had her own film. It goes through the origin story of how Natasha Romanova becomes the superhero Black Widow. This is a win for females as this is the first female superhero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe with their own film, and it has a female director!

Legally Blonde 3

Release Date: May 8th, 2020

The Legally Blonde series is the epitome of girl power. The main character, Elle Woods, shows that you can be pretty and smart at the same time and that you never have to settle for a man. There hasn’t been a plot synopsis or a trailer released for this movie yet, but it’s obvious that Elle Woods will come back to spread girl power once again.

Wonder Woman 1984

Release Date: June 4th, 2020

The release of Wonder Woman in 2017 paved the way for all the future female superheroes. Wonder Woman was the first female superhero blockbuster in recent years and was highly successful. There is no doubt that the sequel will continue to pave the way for female superheroes. Between fighting villains and the patriarchy, Wonder Woman is a win for females and is being directed by a female director.

While the film industry still has a long way to go, they are making great strides in making movies with female main characters directed by females. Hopefully, this will continue to be a trend in the film industry!

Courtney Shady

Wisconsin '23

Courtney is a junior at the University of Wisconsin-Madison studying psychology, education, and gender and women’s studies. She is from the suburbs of Milwaukee. In her free time, she enjoys drinking coffee, going to concerts, and loves hanging out with friends.
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