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20 Ways To Say No To Babcock Ice Cream

With the weather getting nicer, everyone knows summer is just around the corner… which means bikini season is approaching fast. Eating healthy can be hard on campus, especially with the world’s best ice cream at your fingertips. Here are some ways to say no to that seemingly constant craving!

1. Wear your most athletic clothes. Ice cream and exercise don’t mix.

2. Find the healthiest-looking person there and get whatever they’re getting instead.

3. “Sorry, I can’t. My bikini would be mad at me.”

4. Eat an M&M and pretend it’s the same.

5. Bring your lactose intolerant friends.

6. Tell yourself they’re closed.

7. Bring the friends who you know won’t get anything, even though they said they would. You know who I’m talking about.

8. Pretend to be blind when you pass by on your way home from class.

9. Look at the balance in your bank account.

10. “Sorry, my mom said no.”

11. Start watching Titanic. Hopefully by the end you will have forgotten all about the ice cream.

12. Take the route with the most joggers.

13. Have your roommate hide your Wiscard.

14. Remember that walking up Bascom only burns one Cheeto.

15. Your crush will most likely walk in right when you shove that huge bite into your mouth.

16. Tape your mouth shut so you can’t order anything.

17. Let’s be real, you’re probably too lazy to walk over to get it.

18. Bribe the cashier to tell you they’re out of Chocolate Peanut Butter.

19. Wear your tightest jeans.

20. …Who are we kidding, you can never actually say no to Babcock ice cream!

Babcock ice cream is perfect anytime and anywhere, so remember, it’s ok to TREAT YO SELF!

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