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17 Times "Elf" Described My Life During Finals Week

Finals week is the most stressful time of the year for any college student. Instead of shouting “Santa”, we are screaming “Save Me!” In the movie Elf, there are sixteen moments that describe a college student’s life during finals.

1. When the professor says that the final is cumulative:

2. When the professor says that the exam will not be that difficult:

3. Mentally preparing for exam day like:

4. When you’ve written so many notecards and study guides:

5. Drinking coffee in the morning after a long night of studying:

6. When you realize how much coffee you’ve drank:

7. When you finally see the outdoors after spending all day at the library:

8. When you see an overly happy person on the street during finals week:

9. When your neighbors are way too loud while you’re studying:

10. When you realize you haven’t eaten all day: 

11. Telling your family your holiday plans for when you go home after finals:

12. How you feel about yourself after you quit studying to go to sleep:

13. When the exam packets get handed out:

14. When you look at the first exam question and realize you didn’t study enough:

15. What it feels like to take an exam:

16. Congratulating yourself after your last final:

17. Leaving for winter break like:

Before we know it, finals week will have come and gone, and we will be home for winter break. Until then, study hard, and best of luck.