16 Resolutions We're Still Telling Ourselves Will Happen in 2016

We are all guilty of starting off our year with big resolutions and exciting goals, but by this time it seems the novelty has disappeared, and all we do is backtrack to our habits. Here are a few of the things we’ve stated as our goals but probably haven’t brought to reality.

1. Losing 10 pounds. Yes, yes we’ve set this as a goal every year since high school but for we’re doing it for real this time!

2. Finding that special someone. Gone are the days of hookups and players. This year we will find a nice boy to spend our Sundays with…or not?

3. Eating more kale and less cookies than 2015. As February rolls around, we have swapped cake for lettuce on one occasion at least. The question is can we keep it up for the rest of the year?

4. Giving up booze. Let’s be honest. That ship has sailed and we are currently sipping on margaritas.

5. Stop watching Netflix long enough to actually have a life. Instead of watching the characters in Friends, we could potentially make some friends of our own!

6. Travel the world. As our social media newsfeeds fill up with our friends traveling the world, we can only hope to find some time and money to do the same.

7. But really…drinking more water and less alcohol. REALLY!

8. Budgeting our money. No better time than now to start controlling where all of our money goes. You can even download an app if you want to get serious.

9. Finding a job that pays more than our internships. Zero dollars just isn’t going to cut it.

10. Volunteering with our free time. GOALS.

11. De-stressing. Yeah right...

12. Stopping procrastination. Until tomorrow.

13. Sleeping more, and partying less. We can sleep when we’re dead though, right?

14. Putting our phone down. This honestly needs to happen, except when I want to communicate with the world…which is always.

15. Getting better grades. Aiming for the 4.0 seemed good in retrospect—but have you seen all these reading assignments?

16. Getting it together. Last, but most importantly, this will be the year we figure it all out. Or will we?

Who knows what the rest of the year will bring but it’s looking like we might have the same goals next year!