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15 Kardashian Quotes that Described my Election Night

November 3rd, 2020 is a date that will be ingrained in our minds forever. There was just a lot that happened…but that is still the biggest understatement ever. In-person voting soared, polls closed and votes began to be counted as millions around the country and world locked in on waiting for the results. No matter who you voted for I think it’s safe to say that stress is at an all-time high. So with that, my sister and I compiled 15 ridiculous Kardashian quotes to describe the mood of election night…because if we can’t all express our emotions, the Kardashians sure can.  

After voting in the 2020 Presidential election

“Knowing you’re a badass b*tch is just all what life is about.” — Khloe Kardashian

When news anchors are speculating about results even though nothing is official

“We all learned an important lesson: don’t trust anyone” — Kris Jenner

When states’ results are formally being called

“I must avoid the stress and it’s stressful in here” — Caitlin Jenner


Four hours in on watching the election results

“I just want to get out of here and get to my bed”– Khloe Kardashian

When I’m eating bread, candy, drinking caffeine, and crying in a ten minute span

“I don’t know what’s going on so I’m going to appreciate my bread.” — Kourtney Kardashian

Trying to keep myself together like

“I’ll cry at the end of the day. Not with fresh makeup”– Kim Kardashian


Literally everyone at Melana Trump when she voted without wearing a mask

“There’s people that are dying!” — Kourtney Kardashian

Twitter when Donald Trump is calling the election a fraud when votes aren’t going his way

“If you think you’ve got it tough, just take a look at us.” — Scott Disick

When Donald Trump is declaring that he won even though states are still being called

“You know, I’ve realized that I’m probably just perfect and it’s everybody else around me that’s got issues.” — Scott Disick

Me wondering: “How can I make Joe Biden President other than voting?”

“What do you want now? More money, a check, a car, my soul?” —  Khloe Kardashian

Me when Wisconsin and Michigan is projected to turn blue

“You’re doing amazing, sweetie.” — Kris Jenner

 When I keep refreshing my phone for results but they’re not loading right away

“I don’t have any cell service here, and it’s making me have a rash.” — Kris Jenner

Trying to do self-care as the results are coming in

“Go to your happy place. Think of Mary Poppins or something” — Kris Jenner

Me when I realize that we probably won’t officially declare a winner for a couple of weeks

“I just don’t know what to say” — Kim Kardashian 

Overall 2020 mood

“I feel like this year is really about, like, the year of just realizing stuff.” —- Kylie Jenner

Well, that’s it, folks. I think the Kardashians have really spoken to us all. Remember the results are not going to be official for a while now, so be patient. As we’re waiting anxiously, put yourself first— take a walk, step away from the screen, put on a good show (maybe even the Kardashians), and try to relax. Looking at Kardashian quotes for a couple of hours with my sister helped me distress and I hope you can distress as well while we all await the results for our next President of the United States. 

Natalia Iding

Wisconsin '23

I'm a Sophomore at the Univerity of Wisconsin-Madison and planning to double major in Human Development and Family Studies and Gender Woman's Studies. In my free time, I like to watch Netflix, play sports, and hang out with my family!
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