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13 Thoughts About Arie from ‘The Bachelor’ Finale

The Bachelor finale on March 5 was heartbreaking: Arie was in love with both Lauren and Becca, and he proposed to the wrong woman. What did he decide to do? He broke off his engagement to Becca a month later and proposed to Lauren on live television. What. The. Heck. Poor Becca — our hearts broke with hers. The good news is that she’s moving onto bigger and better things in life: being the next Bachelorette! Find the love you deserve, Becca!


1. Yay! It’s Becca! They’re going to be so cute together. They’ll have the cutest children.

Becca got Arie’s first one-on-one, so this was meant to be! 


2. Arie definitely shouldn’t have told Lauren he loved her at the end of their last date. 

“I love you, but I choose Becca,” Arie said. Way to let a girl down, Arie. You really know how to break up with someone (*eye roll*). Turns out Lauren just had to wait four weeks for her happily ever after.


3. Wait, Arie thinks about Lauren every day? Arie, you proposed to Becca! What are you doing?

He wasn’t choosing Becca every single day if he was still thinking about Lauren. What happened to being a loyal fiance? Becca definitely deserved better.


4. Oh hell no! You’re breaking the engagement?

Oh no, Becca! Like the producers said, it’s not a happy couple weekend. Everyone’s hearts broke with Becca’s.


5. Arie, get to the point, just say it…

Arie began the breakup like it’s was a normal conversation about his conflicted feelings. Becca had to keep asking what he was really saying.


6. Get out of the freaking house Arie!

She asked you to leave, Arie! That’s the least you could do after publicly breaking her heart and humiliating her. Also, what mascara was Becca wearing? It didn’t smudge!


7. Seriously, just leave.

First, he left her under the impression that this was a happy couple’s weekend. Now, he won’t leave her alone after multiple requests.


8. Hold on, Bachelor Nation sent how much money for Becca to go get some drinks?

Fans raised thousands of dollars through Venmo for Becca, although she has pledged to donated them Stand Up to Cancer. Chris Harrison revealed later that the show is going to match that donation. The comments for the Venmo payments are priceless — definitely worth checking out. It didn’t end there, though. Bachelor Nation put billboards up, one reading “Becca — you’ll always have a rose from Minnesota.” Isn’t that the cutest?!


11. Yes!!! Becca is the next Bachelorette!

And the crowd goes wild! Becca is one of Bachelor Nation’s favorites. She deserves a chance to take matters into her own hands this time.


12. A horse…to help her get back up on the saddle? How cute!

This is one of the sweetest, most creative guys out of the five that Becca met. One guy had the audacity to stare at her chest. Wow — great first impression to make, bud.


13. I’m so happy that Becca made so many great friends in the end!

I think the the friendships formed throughout the show was the best part of this season. Without them, weeks without any technology, internet or television would get pretty boring.


After all of these thoughts, I have to include an “Arie Rant”:

Arie is manipulative; he didn’t take responsibility when he talked to Becca. He kept saying, “you were aware, I told you,” and on and on. He didn’t say sorry until he saw her on the “After the Final Rose” live episode. He called and talked to Lauren about it without first telling Becca; he was making sure Lauren would take him back before he ended the engagement with Becca. Also, he kept the conversation from Becca for a week! If he was thinking about Lauren day and night, he should’ve told Becca way sooner than a month after. He kept reassuring Becca throughout that he loved her and was confident in their relationship… just to break his promises — and her heart — on public television. Starting with the proposal, he has gone about the situation in all the wrong ways.


This may have been one of the worst endings to The Bachelor, but it’s turning into a great beginning for The Bachelorette. I don’t know about you, but I’m psyched and ready for its premiere on May 28. Maybe you should mark your calendars, too! For now, Lauren is happy, Becca is happy, Arie is happy; I can finally sleep peacefully.

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