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13 Things That Look Like Kim Kardashian’s Hair

Kimmy K’s hair fluctuates more than weather in Wisconsin. Kim’s hair goes through more changes than Wisco goes through bottles of Natty Light. KiKi’s hair transforms more often than girls change their clothes before a night out. With that being said, it was no surprised when she stepped out BLOND and (not) beaming last week. This caused the majority of college girls to look at her and go, “Gurl your hair looks more like…”



Justin Timberlake, circa 1993


“Meet Applejack… everyone’s favorite hardworking cow-pony.” The similarity in that title itself is all too much.


**Kim Kardashian creates perfume line**


Knit by Kim, sold exclusively for DASH. 




Kreated by Kim exclusively for North West. 


Keep your eyes open; you never know when Kim may Slytherin…


TRU love is supportive; TRU love is Kimye. 


Justin and Kim related!?!? Kim’s new hair provides fans with confirmation. 


John Travolta explains his mispronunciation, “Ken Kadazeum.”


Exclusive photos from Kim’s Vogue cover shoot leaked to public! 


Appealing to the Kollege audience with more affordable options

Here’s to another great life and style choice from our favorite reality TV celeb. You do you, KK. 

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