11 Spring Cleaning Things Every Girl Should Do

Now that the sun is out for longer, it’s time to get out of hibernation mode. Spring cleaning gives you the opportunity to rid items that you don't on your weekly or monthly basis; so as the weather starts to warm up, find the time to clean up just a bit. Here are 11 tips for the most effective spring cleaning. 


1. Move big furniture pieces and vacuum underneath

All of the dust bunnies that have been accumulating over this long winter have to go! It’s a pain, but it must be done.


2. Dust the blades on your fans

Be honest, when was the last time you did this? If you wait much longer, dust might just rain on you from the fan the first time you turn it on for the season.


3. Clean windows

Since you will actually want to look out your windows soon, make sure they’re squeaky clean!


4. Mop the floors

Get all the salt from your shoes off the floor.


5. Clean out expired foods from the pantry and fridge

That can of soup that you’ve had forever is probably past its expiration date. That salad that you promised yourself you'd eat is probably wilted and mushy. Just throw it out!


6. Clean your oven (it's even easier if it has a cleaning mode)

Warning, this will smell horrible. Here's a trick to fight that, though: stick in a mixture of vanilla and water in your oven as you blast it. Pinterest it! 


7. Go through closet and get rid of clothes you don’t wear or doesn’t fit anymore

Time to revamp your closet; you'll need room for new clothes anyway!


8. Pick out items you don’t need and set them aside for a rummage sale

Spring time = rummage time. Make some extra cash on things you don’t need or use anymore.


9. Throw out old makeup

It’s not worth putting gross and expired makeup on your face, even if it’s your favorite.


10. Get rid of school papers you no longer need

If you don’t do this right after exams are over, the only thing that these papers are doing is collecting dust. Don’t let last semester’s economics class bog you down anymore — throw the work out!


11. Sell old textbooks

Will you ever use it again? Did you even use it in the first place? The answer is most likely "no"! Make some cash and lighten your moving load by selling your old books.


Having a clean living space means having a clear mind — just in time for exam season. Once exams are over, you won’t want to deal with cleaning, so you might as well do it now! Happy spring cleaning!