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11 Fool-Proof Ways to Have a Fabulous Spring Stay-cation

Spring Break is right around the corner, and while all of your friends are stressing over their trip to Florida, you will be enjoying a peaceful week at home. Rest and relaxation is always great but there’s still always a chance that you might get bored.  Here are 11 things to keep you busy in between breaks of R&R:


Be a tourist at home.

If you’re staying in Madison for the week, take a day and give yourself a tour of the capitol with a few of your friends, or try a new restaurant on State Street. If you’re going home, take a day or two to do all of the touristy things that you were too cool to do before you left for college and discover a new side of your hometown.


Binge on your favorite Netflix series.

Catch up on one of your current obsessions or pick a new one that you have been meaning to start. There’s no shame in watching all 10 seasons of Friends when there’s no schoolwork that you’re procrastinating on.


Read a book…for fun!!

Put down the textbooks and actually like what you’re reading. Get lost in a new story and rediscover the enjoyment of a good book.


Spring cleaning.

Okay, this is admittedly not the most fun idea on this list but you will definitely thank yourself later. Donate the clothes that you never wear anymore, reorganize and rearrange your room, clear out the clutter and give yourself a fresh start for the rest of the semester.


Go shopping.

After all of that spring cleaning, you’re going to need to replenish your wardrobe. Hit the mall and TREAT YO’SELF.


Master a complicated new recipe.

You know all of those recipes you have pinned to your food board on Pinterest but have never actually attempted to make? This is the perfect opportunity for you to actually try one of them!


Have a movie marathon.

If you’ve ever thought about watching all eight Harry Potter movies in one sitting, now is your chance to turn those dreams into a reality. But even if you aren’t a Potterhead, any other fandom will do―a Disney marathon is always a great alternative.


Take a day trip.

Spice up your week and take a day to explore somewhere new. Visit a friend that goes to a different college or grab a few friends and just get away for the day.


See a concert.

The Majestic and the Orpheum in Madison have some awesome shows during Spring Break 2015, including Walk the Moon, Bleachers, and Clean Bandit. Check out their websites for dates and tickets.


Plot for April Fool’s Day.

It just so happens that Spring Break falls over April Fool’s Day this year, and that means that this is your prime opportunity to prank your siblings or roommates. Get creative and plan out the most epic prank to end all pranks.


Catch up on some zzz’s.

P.C.B.? More like N.A.P. …amiright?



Just because you didn’t go somewhere exotic this year doesn’t mean your Spring Break has to be boring! Which items on this list will you be tackling?


Kara is a junior at UW Madison studying Strategic Communication and Spanish. She enjoys breakfast food, Harry Potter, singing off-pitch and the company of great friends. She aspires to become Queen of the World but if for some reason that doesn't work out she will settle for Advertiser Extraordinaire.
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