10 Things You Could Buy With One Year of Tuition at UW-Madison

Tuition rates have been growing exponentially every year, which makes financing a higher education degree increasingly difficult. A college education hasn't always been this expensive; even just a couple of years ago, tuition was going up by only $5 or so— not by the thousands or hundreds like it is now. Why is it that tuition keeps increasing? Is it the depreciation of the dollar, or is it the university's constant pouring towards supporting athletes, financial aid packages and overall campus-wide improvements? Whatever the cause, the prices are going up. But, what could we buy instead with the money we pay towards tuitioneach year?


Looking back in time…

1. Two 1972 Corvette Stingray Convertible

You wouldn’t even have to choose between two different colors you could get both — with the convertible add-on for both of them! You would be driving in style.


2. Three or Four Houses in the 1940s

You could go on a road trip to your vacation homes driving your Corvette. Talk about living life in luxury.


3. 162 Years of College at UW-Madison in the 1940s

Not only would you would be able to go to college, but so would your kids, your kids’ kids and so on and so forth. In the 40s, tuition only cost $65 per year for Wisconsin residents. That’s less than a pair of Lululemon leggings now... imagine that.


4. 20 Years of College at UW-Madison in the 70s

Years go by and tuition rates go up; but, you could still send many generations of your family to school with how much we spend now for just one year. In the 70s, tuition cost $508 per year for Wisconsin residents.


5. Two and a Half Years of College at Harvard in the 70s

It’s one of the most prestigious schools in the nation, and you'd still be able to pay off half of your degree back then.


Today you could buy….

1. 107 Pairs of Lululemon Leggings

$98 a pair, and you could still have all of the leggings you've ever dreamed of.


2. 2,538 Venti Caffe Lattes

A latte costs $4.15 on average, so you'd be able to get a coffee every day for 6 years straight.


3. 5 Round Trip Flights to Europe

The average round-trip flight costs about $2000. You'd be able to afford that — plus all the extra spending money for your European tour.


4. 35 Dogs or 105 Cats from Dane County Humane Society

Save the animals! You could buy all the animals your heart desires.


5. Five Royal Caribbean Cruise Packages

This is not just any cruise, everybody. This is a cruise on the Symphony of Seas, the largest ship with laser tag and water slides. Included with the package is a balcony view and a trip to and from Europe for nine nights!


Just imagine what you could do with all the money you spent earning your degree! I'd be living the life of luxury and relaxation with all the Chick-fil-A and animals I desire if I were to use my tuition money differently. If you want to take it a step further, think about how you could use all the other add-on fees — like room and board and textbooks — you pay otherwise. I’m currently planning in my head all of the vacations I could have.