10 Simple, Fun, and Festive Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween, although a fun and glorious holiday, brings with it a lot of stress and concern. Concern, primarily about what you will be disguising or dressing yourself up as. As someone who is in the same boat, I have dedicated a vast expanse of my time researching halloween costumes that are easy to recreate, fun to wear and painless to pull off. Here are 10 Halloween costume ideas.

  1. 1. Boxers

    This Halloween costume has been very trendy within the last few years. All it takes to make this costume is a robe, boxing gloves, braided hair and athletic wear of your choice. You can make this look as gory as you choose by adding bruises, black eyes or cuts through makeup; this look can also be great to wear in colder weather.

  2. 2. Hippies

    This Halloween costume can be worn in both warm and cold climates. All you need is a tie-dye shirt, fun sunglasses and flared jeans. Add some cute random mini side braids for a special touch. This costume can be done casually or full out and is amusing when done in big groups. With multiple people in costume, it truly feels like you’ve taken a step backward into the 70s.

  3. 3. Vampire

    Being a vampire is an easy costume to put on if you want to be more on the scary side. A classic costume, but one that never fails to do Halloween justice. You can channel your inner Twilight, The Vampire Diaries or Supernatural characters. This costume only requires black clothing and vampire fangs. For an added effect, add fake blood!

  4. 4. Frat Boys

    This costume idea is a rather humorous one, especially if you are in college. The “frat boy” consists of a long-sleeve button-up shirt, khaki shorts, tall white socks, paired with a classic boy shoe. A backward hat, a pair of sunglasses, or pinned back hair are all additional touches that can help take the costume to the next stage. This costume is a great conversation starter, and a fun way to create banter between you and your male friends.

  5. 5. Athletes

    This is a fun costume idea that is able to reflect more about who you are as a person. Being an athlete enables you to dress up as your favorite athlete. A jersey, athletic shorts or pants, and athletic shoes are all you need in order to create this look. This costume idea is an extremely simple last-minute Halloween costume that can be created in minutes. If done in big groups, having one person dress as a referee is even better.

  6. 6. Tooth Fairy/Dentist

    The tooth fairy and dentist costume combination is great for couples Halloween costume. In order to pull this costume off, the person dressing as the tooth fairy really only needs a white top, some sort of tiara and  a wand with a package of floss taped or glued down to the end of the wand. If you really wanted to emphasize the fairy part of the costume, add a tutu and pair of wings. The dentist part of the costume just needs scrubs or a white lab coat, nicer pants and perhaps some floss or toothbrushes in their pocket.

  7. 7. Disney

    A Disney-themed Halloween costume for just yourself or for a group of friends is a great costume idea because it's so versatile. Be a Disney princess by wearing a similar-looking dress with a tiara or be Minnie Mouse by wearing a cute red skirt, black shirt and classic Minnie ears. Be your favorite Disney superhero or sidekick and there's always the option of being your favorite Disney villain! This theme is fun to do with a large group and is always a good classic costume to wear.

  8. 8. Jailbreak

    Jailbreak is an extremely easy and classic costume do that wins people over all the time. To be a prisoner that has escaped jail, a cute costume look just consists of wearing bright orange or a black and white striped shirt. If you really want to go all out, wear an orange jumpsuit. Add some fake tattoos, fun bandanas, crazy hairstyles and attitude to make this look come to life. If you are doing this theme with a group of people, have one person dressed up as a police officer with a badge, a pair of handcuffs and a police hat.

  9. 9. Barnyard

    Wearing a barnyard costume is super fun and can be done in groups or with pairs of people. Barnyard costumes include dressing up as pigs, cows, horses, sheep, farmers, and more. If you want to be an animal simply get a pair of the animal's ears and tail and then wear similar colored clothing. Add face makeup to make a nose or face. To be a farmer, bust out a flannel, jeans, boots and a cowboy hat of course.

  10. 10. Aliens

    Like a blast from outer space, this costume can really make an entrance at a party. Most alien costumes include silver metallic clothing, such as metallic pants and a metallic top, and then a headband with antennas on it. If you don’t have metallic clothing, wearing green or space type colors such as purple, blue, or even blackwork. If you really want to go all out, put your hair into space buns and enjoy the night. 

I hope these costumes give you some ideas; have fun and be safe! Happy Halloween!