10 Signs You Went on Spring Break in Puerto Vallarta

Spring breaking in Puerto Vallarta is a ubiquitous college experience. If you didn’t go to PV on spring break at least once did you really do college right? Here are ten signs you went to PV on spring break:

1.     You have the world’s worst tan lines because you wore a trendy bikini.

2.     No burrito will ever compare to the La Santa burritos.

3.     You came back with a ratchet henna tattoo that was only cool in Mexico.

4.     You never ever want to take your hotel wristbands off, like ever!

5.     You have never appreciated Wi-Fi so much after not having if for a week.

6.     You’re pretty sure you are still dehydrated from a week of no water.

7.     You can’t fall asleep without a beat drop.

8.     Nothing gets you drunk anymore besides an Adios Motha*****

9.     No view of Mendota will ever compare to the view from Villa Balboa.

10. You are now officially a part of the anti-PV push aka eating everything in sight.

But what is spring break without all the hilarious and absurd memories (if you remember anything)? There is nothing better than spending a week with your friends, tanning, partying every day and night, and having the time of your life.