10 Reasons Your JUUL Ain't Cool

Juuls have taken the teenage and young adult population by storm over the past few years. They’re supposed to be a healthier alternative to cigarettes, but honestly that is a pretty low bar if you think about it. In reality, they’ve created steep rates of teenage nicotine addiction. Before JUULs and other ecigarettes hit the market, we were SO CLOSE to almost eliminating smoking in young adults. Now, we have tons of young people hooked on a product they don’t fully understand the consequences of. So, I bring you 10 reasons your JUUL really ain’t cool.


1. JUULS still contain harmful chemicals

One of the core arguments in favor of using JUULs is that they “aren’t as bad as as cigarettes.” Yes, it is true that JUULs don’t have as many of the harmful chemicals like tar and other carcinogens, let’s think about this logic for a minute. Saying something isn’t as bad as a cigarette isn’t really saying anything. There are A LOT of things that would be considered better than cigarettes but are DEFINITELY not good for you. JUULs still have propylene glycol and benzoic acid, which are known to irritate the lungs and cause coughing, shortness of breath, and even vomiting.


2. They might cause seizures

The FDA is currently investigating a potential link between JUULing and seizures. While admittedly the findings are not complete, seizures are a known side effect of nicotine poisoning. Teenagers who think JUULing is a fun and casual way to let loose are in for a rude awakening when these physical effects start to catch up with them. So, if you and your friends have hopped on the JUUL train, do yourself a favor and hop back off of it ASAP.


3. The nicotine is SUPER concentrated

One JUUL pod has the same amount of nicotine as an entire pack of cigarettes! Even when compared to other e-cigarette products, the nicotine in JUUL is twice as concentrated. With this concentration it becomes a lot easier to get hooked on the nicotine, so instead of JUULs being a fun party trick, they just give you a nicotine addiction.


4. Literally all the doctors say JUULS will have health consequences down the road

While it’s common knowledge that the effects of e-cigarettes won’t be fully understood until years from now, there is still a consensus among doctors: JUULs will have consequences and those consequences will be negative. You don’t even have to look far to the future for negative effects. It is already well known that JUULing can cause a weakened immune system, damage your blood vessels, and increases the likelihood you start smoking actual cigarettes. (thetruth.com) What would Derek Shepherd say about your JUULing?


5. They’re expensive

Is buying JUUL pods really the best use of your money? I mean think of all the cheese curds or even Naturdays that you could buy instead.


6. They aren’t environmentally friendly

All those empty pods have to go somewhere, and that somewhere is a landfill. The cost benefit analysis for JUULs really isn’t looking too good, in my opinion.This is like k-cups all over again- single use products are a no, people!!


7. They mess with your lungs

Admittedly, e-cigarettes like JUUL haven’t been around long enough to truly understand the long term effect. That does not mean that there aren’t going to be any! Inhaling any toxins can be incredibly harmful to your lungs. The American Lung Association even said that JUULs have the potential to cause “irreversible lung damage and lung diseases.” Idk, I feel like we should maybe listen to what the American Lung Association has to say about lung health, just a thought.


8. Nicotine affects brain development

Nicotine use and addiction can have really harmful effects on the brain. Plus, the young people that make up most e-cigarette users are especially vulnerable to nicotine addiction. When young people start smoking early, they end up with decreased activity in the prefrontal cortex of the brain, which is the center of decision making. Is JUULing really worth permanently altering the development of your brain?


9.  JUUL Completely Reversed Efforts to End Teen Smoking

In the 80’s all the way up to the 2000’s, it was a common status symbol for young people to smoke. It was considered cool, rebellious, and part of pop culture. Then, there were massive public health campaigns to try to eliminate teen smoking. I'm sure you've seen some of the many ads on TV warning against nicotine and smoking. And guess what? They got SO CLOSE, in fact the percentage of teen smoking was down to under 8% in 2017. But, the whole point of that initiative was to get teens away from nicotine. In one year, e-cigarette use just in high schoolers shot from 12% in 2017 to 21% in 2018. And that doesn’t even account for college students and other young adults. Think about all the progress in eliminating teen nicotine use that is getting swiped away because of JUULs.


10. What are you really getting out of it?

I get that this article might sound a little preachy. Like who am I to tell you what you should and shouldn’t do for fun. But, I really encourage you to think about what it is that makes you even want to JUUL? Are you doing it because it’s the new ~thing~ for young people? If you started JUULing because you saw your friends or other kids doing it, think about what you are actually getting out of it. Is it really making your night that much more fun?


Next time you're out and about and tempted to hit the JUUL, think about saying nah, I'm good. You don't need to JUUL to have a good time, I promise.


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