10 Reasons Why You Should Have Still be Excited for Halloween this Year

Although Halloween this year is going to be very different from past years, that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun. After all, it’s Halloween! Yes, it’s still the spooky season that we all know and love. Think about it, you can still dress up and hang out with your friends, just keep it ~socially distanced~. So, get excited, get your halloween candy and costume and get ready for a fun night!

  1. 1. You can still see all the little kids running around in cute costumes.   

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    The highlight of my Halloween is always watching the cute little kids run around the neighborhoods in their costumes. This will still happen! Although trick-or-treating itself will be different, you will still get to see kids bouncing around in their cute costumes. COVID can’t get rid of that joy! 

  2. 2. You can be someone you’re not!

    Think about it, Halloween is the one time each year that you get to dress up as someone you’re not. Personally, I think it’s fun to be someone different for the night. Escape your stress and yourself for the night and get into character! 

  3. 3. You can still get together with your friends. 

    Milk-Bone Halloween Mask and Bandana Set

    The best part of Halloween honestly is getting to hang out with your friends in your costumes. What’s better than kicking back on the couch in your costume, eating some Halloween candy, and just talking about who knows what? Exactly- nothing is better :)

  4. 4. You can watch tons of scary movies. 

    halloween movie laptop

    With limited opportunities to go out this Halloween, you can make it an even better one by binge watching some scary movies on the couch! You can ditch the heels for some slippers and enjoy some much -needed rest from the real world. 

  5. 5. It’s on a Saturday night.

    This is the one that does it for me. Halloween being on a Saturday night this year gives us the perfect excuse to go all out. With no school or work the next day, you can really relax and just have a fun night free of worries.

  6. 6. It provides some comic relief in COVID season. 


    During COVID season, self-care is more important than ever. With things still being shut down, many of us spend most of our days inside. We can’t do even half of the activities we used to do. But, Halloween is something that didn’t get taken away! Take this night to have fun and just forget about everything that’s going on in the real world, because let’s be honest, it’s incredibly stressful. 

  7. 7. You don’t have to share your halloween candy.

    Candy bowl

    This could be the best benefit from COVID of them all. You don’t have to share your candy! Sharing your candy would just cause more people to touch the same things, making it unsanitary and a potential breeding ground for COVID. That should be enough excuse for you to keep it all to yourself! (you may feel selfish, but everyone deserves to treat themselves :))

  8. 8. You have more time to carve pumpkins and decorate your house!

    happy pumpkin wrapped in fairy lights

    With the world being shut down, we have more time than ever to pursue extracurricular activities. If you have neglected carving pumpkins or decorating your house in the past, this year is your year. You finally have the chance! Use this extra time at home to go all-out for Halloween if you’ve always wanted to. Everyone will love it!

  9. 9. There are even more cool costume ideas thanks to the pandemic.

    Milk-Bone Halloween Mask and Bandana Set

    Have you ever wanted to dress up as something super unique? The hazmat suit may be perfect for you this Halloween. Not only does it go along with the pandemic theme, but it also will add some spice to your costume and make this Halloween an unforgettable one. 

  10. 10. You can finally play those classic halloween games you’ve always wanted to play. 

    If you’ve ever wanted to have a classic Halloween party as you see in the movies, this Halloween may fulfill all your wildest dreams. As long as you keep the gatherings very small, you can play some classic games like eating a donut off a string, bobbing for candy apples, etc. Just keep it sanitary and COVID friendly! Since there isn’t much going out this Halloween, this is a fun and perfect alternative, as long as you and your friends stay safe and follow precautions. 

Overall, Halloween this year is still going to be amazing! Even with COVID restrictions, you can still have a great time. Spooky season is the best season, and not even COVID can take that away. So mask up, get your costume ready and get excited for a fun night. Happy Halloween!