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10 Reasons Why Being a Badger is Better than Being a Spartan

1. We have Bassett Street Brunch Club.

Anyone who argues that this shouldn’t be the number one reason has clearly never experienced the wonder that is hungover Bassett Street on a Sunday Morning.

And on the 8th day, God created the Bassett Street Brunch Club donut.

2. The Big 10 rankings say we’re better.

The Badgers are number 1 (WHOOHOO) on the Big Ten Basketball rankings and Michigan State is number 4. We all know that fourth place doesn’t even get a medal. As we go into March Madness we don’t need to be cocky but we should be confident in our basketball boys to do their job.  

A gif describing my feelings toward Josh Gasser.

3. Red is obviously better than green.

Red is a color of power and determination. Red is the color you choose when you’re trying to impress. Red is the sexy lipstick color for a night out on the town… and green is the color of snot you wipe from your two year old cousins nose.

I’m so sorry that you can’t unsee this.

4. Babcock Ice cream.

There is nothing more beautiful than a scoop of Babcock during a sunny day on the terrace.  Those Spartans don’t have the joy of saying that their freshman 15 was well worth it.

Chocolate chip cookie dough is the perfect fix when that frat star didn’t text you back.

5. Badgers know how to get down.

UW Madison was rated the number two party school in the nation and MSU didn’t even make the list. So, Eat Sh*t, and F*ck You, MSU.

This guy was clearly a Badger.

6. IAN’S.

We have Ian’s…and they deliver. If you ever need drunk macaroni pizza, or you’ve just had a bad day, Ian’s is only a phone call away and there is something absolutely magical about that.I already had 2 scoops of ice cream, a piece of pizza, and nachos, but it’s… whatever.

7. We have an awesome Badger Bucket List.

You must go sledding down Bascom on a lunch tray. You much have hungover brunch at Sunroom Café. You must take cliché pictures on a terrace chair. Does anyone even go to the stacks to do homework anymore?

When your roommate says she was “studying” in the Stacks.

8. The Terrace.

There is nothing more beautiful than the terrace on a summer day, or a fall day, or even when the snow’s falling just right. The terrace is perfection and I would like to see podunk Lansing, Michigan even try to compare.

Me when someone tells me my favorite band is playing at the Terrace AND I get to drink on the lake.  

9. Our boys are downright gorgeous.

Okay, so every college thinks their campus has the cutest boys but when it comes to Badgers vs. Spartans we don’t think, we know. In a ranking of the top 25 colleges in the WORLD with boys that are both beautiful and brainy MSU didn’t even make the cut. But guess who did?! Our beautiful Badger babes.



I don’t know about you, but my Badger pride is always at 110%. I don’t care where we fit on the ratings list, to me the dirty dub will always be #1. Any other schools are honestly just irrelevant.

Her Campus Writer, ice cream enthusiast and future wife of Harry Styles.
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