10 Overused Halloween Costumes

So, you’ve spent the past week slaving over the perfect Halloween costume.  You’re feeling confident, and you just know everyone’s going to love it!  Finally, it’s October 31st.  You walk into the Halloween party and immediately feel like poking your eyeballs out.  Everywhere you look: the same unoriginal costumes over and over again.


Here’s our list of the 10 most overused costumes that you’re likely to find this Halloween:

1.    Risky Business

Basic level: off the charts.

2.    Cat

Even Kendall has rocked this tired costume.  All you need is a black shirt and leggings, cat ears, and someface paint—probably the easiest last-minute costume in existence.

3.     Thing 1 and Thing 2

Honestly, this is cuter as a kid’s costume.

4.    Referee

A.K.A. an excuse to take a picture with every guy wearing a somewhat sporty costume.

5.    Greek Goddess

Obviously people are going to jump at the chance to wear only a strategically placed bed sheet! 

6.    Twin Emoji

I mean, it is pretty clever… the first time you see it.

7.    Police Officer

Instagram in words:

*Girl pretending to handcuff her bestie*

Caption: “Arrest me officer!”

*Gets 3857 likes*


8.    Miley Cyrus

This costume was cooler in 2013 when Miley was in her Bangerz phase.  Now, dressing up as Miley might make people cringe just a little (Dooo it! music video flashbacks anyone?)

9.    Playboy Bunny

Am I the only one that pictures Elle Woods whenever I see someone in this costume?


10.   Minnie Mouse

This is another easy last-minute costume.  Too bad we’ve seen it a million times!


The best part of Halloween for many is getting the chance to let their creativity skills shine by making a super elaborate costume.  Some go above and beyond, and some people barely even try.  This Halloween, try to avoid these costumes and find yourself a kickass costume that people will remember—in a good way!