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10 Celebrity Beauty Tips

After years on the red carpet, looking both their best and their worst, celebrities seem to know it all, and when it comes to beauty, they certainly know the ins and outs.

The best of celebrity beauty tips are some of the weirdest, but they are sworn to work.  The importance of maintaining healthy skin, healthy bodies and natural looking faces is emphasized under the microscope of celebrity, and these next few tricks are some of the most used.

1. Moisturize: Moisturizing the skin is #1 in the books of celebrities such as Cindy Crawford, Julia Roberts and many more.  The ways that they do this are infinite. Whether you’re using olive oil, milk or something less homemade, staying moisturized is key.

2. Lip Gloss: This product is used for more than you think… Miranda Kerr swears by lip gloss as a way to illuminate and highlight the face, while others even use it on lids for a dewy look.  So next time you throw out that Vaseline jar before its done, save some for the beauty drawer.

3. Cinnamon/Sugar: Put these on your lips not only for a treat, but to exfoliate and even plump them.  While sugar is known to be used in at-home recipes for lip scrubs, Lisa Rinna uses cinnamon to achieve big lips.  The tingling sensation you’ll feel when putting it on lets you know that it’s working.

4. Lashes: Eyelashes can often make or break a look.  Whether you’re in a rush or have a little time, focus on your eyelashes in order to frame your eyes. Celebs have talked about spoons or heated lash curlers as ways to get eyelashes on point, making you look awake and ready for the day.

5. Bronzer: As if this wasn’t already a staple in every girls makeup bag… Celebs boost about the powers of bronzer over that of tanning.  Both laying in the sun or a tanning bed can damage the skin, while the result of light bronzer is harmless and can even be more natural looking.  In addition, Rachel Bilson claims to use it on eyelids for a natural glow.

6. Layer/Blend: Two of “beauty-lovers’ favorite words.  Halle Berry talks the importance of layering on the lips to create lasting color.  Apply a lip-color, blot some off, apply powder over a layer of thin tissue on the lips and re-apply.  Similarly, color on the face and eyes must be blended to get a natural and lasting look.  The time is worth the result.

7. Eye Cream: Most celebrities place this product in the Beauty Bible after accounting for their lack of sleep, but I guess we can use the same excuse after hours in the library.  Don’t think you’re too young to use eye cream!  Instead, take advantage of the healthy skin you have under your eyes now and take care of it.  This is the most sensitive skin on the face.

8. Less is More: Cliché, I know…but true.  Lauren Conrad, everyone’s favorite, encourages girls to be daring and fun with their makeup at night, but to keep it low key on a day-to-day basis.  This is some of the most popular advice and some of the most important!

9. Follow your own trends: Nicole Richie speaks about the freedom that women should feel with beauty.  Make every look your own and use products that flatter your face!

10. Drink Water!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Celebrity or not, this common advice is truly a beauty tip. Your skin, as well as your entire body, needs it!  Alicia Keys even sets alarms throughout the day to make sure she’s drinking enough, because if you’re not drinking water and taking care of your skin, there is no basis for any of the above.

Hi everybody! I'm Kerry, a freshman at UW-Madison majoring in Journalism with a Digital Studies certificate. I am passionate about writing about all things beauty, love, and many other fascinating facets of life. I'd love for you to join me as I write about my journey through college!
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