10 Beach Bag Necessities For Your Upcoming Vacation

It seems like every girl’s number one priority for this upcoming vacation season is being “beach body prepared.” However, I think we all need to take a backseat on our workouts at the gym and healthy cooking sessions in the kitchen in order to focus on what’s REALLY important: What’s gonna be in that beach bag of yours?

There is nothing more crucial than having the perfect assortment of items within your beach bag. It lays the foundation for how the rest of your day will be spent, and being prepared makes you look 10x cooler than you already do. Here are 10 quick tips to help out all of you beach bums out there who need a quick reminder on how to kill the vacation game.

1.  NEVER leave the hotel room without headphones.

•  There is nothing worse than having no choice but to overhear the annoying conversations of the surrounding families around you, and sometimes even your own family.

•  Unplugging from the rest of the world, laying on your back with the hot sun on your body, and becoming completely captivated by your favorite song is by far the best feeling in the world.

•  If you’re getting jittery in your beach chair, headphones serve as the perfect accessory for an active walk down the beach. (I like to pretend I’m in a music video… but that’s just me)

2.     Sunscreen is a MUST!

•  We all want that exotic, bronze looking appearance after a few days into vacation. However, there is NOTHING worse than getting sunburnt during your trip. This will ruin the rest of your time spent, and will leave you in immense pain. Always have sunscreen with you!

•  Don’t fall for that waterproof lie. The second you get out of the water, you must re-apply as soon as possible! You don’t want to wait until you feel yourself burning to have to go back to the room and get more sunscreen.

•  Don’t over-do it with the sunscreen, though. Constantly applying an appropriate SPF to your skin will do the job. Falling under the pressure of your parents to soak yourself in SPF 150 is definitely not the move.

3. Water bottle: hydration is key!

•  Glowing bronze bodies won’t look any good nor feel any good without being hydrated. There’s no better tanning partner than a tall, cold bottle of water.

•  How do we keep this water cold you may ask? Buy the perfect bottle! Reaching into your beach bag and feeling the chilly texture of your beverage is such an awesome feeling.

•  The refreshing flush of water throughout your body will help with your worst heat headache or tropically ruthless hangover.

4.  Books are a MUST HAVE on vacation.

•  Who’s tired of being forced to read those boring, anciently written books for English class? Vacation is the perfect opportunity to choose any book you desire to take you into a happy place.

•  When it comes time where you have had enough of the sun, the best activity to do under the shade is to read. No distractions, no pressure. Just you and the story alone on the beach. There’s really nothing better than a good vacation read.

5.  A cute pair of sunglasses! (Don’t forget the case!)

•   Of course nobody wants the sunglass tan lines on their face, so don’t necessarily wear these while you tan. However, there is much more to why these are a beach bag necessity.

•  Sunglasses are perfect for those occasional walks to the bathroom, or lunch breaks. There is nothing more painful than the adjustment your eyes have to make from light outside to the light inside. Sunglasses act as the perfect tool to help you with that struggle.

•  Sunglasses are a must-have when it comes to completing your outfit for the day. It is tons of fun to match sunglasses with your bikini or to even just show off your latest pair to the people around you.

•  Photoshoots! Whether you are sending a snap chat or taking pictures by the ocean, sunglasses definitely need to be worn in these photos. Makeup is a no-no when it comes to tanning, so sunglasses must be worn in order to hide those naturally tired-looking eyes.

6.  Some type of clothing for when the beach gets chilly!

•  Whether it’s a cute flannel or a big comfy sweatshirt, you should always have some article of clothing to throw on when the day starts to get late.

•  It becomes really frustrating to try and cover yourself with towels, or when you have to end the day early because the beach is too cold!

7. Hairbrush and detangler = life changing!!!

• Although there is no better feeling than a refreshing dip in the Caribbean Sea, there is no WORSE feeing than the knots in your hair after you get out!

•  Salt-water hair definitely does not dry pretty. However, if you take the time to detangle and brush out your hair, those tropical winds will give you the beach waves you have always been looking for!

8.     Any kind of hat

•  We all rep our favorite team on vacation. A long day spent in the sun is the perfect opportunity to put your favorite baseball hat to use! Not only will it protect your face from those powerful rays for a few hours, but you will also look super cute!

• If baseball hats aren’t your “thing”, break out your favorite fedora or sun hat! These kinds of hats are huge fashion statements, and do a superb job when it comes to providing some shade to the face for a while. A nice big sun hat is perfect for getting into a good beach read.

9. Hate to say it but… deodorant!

• Whether you’re sweating under the sun, or deciding to go for a quick dip in the water, your deodorant from that morning is definitely not strong enough…

•  There is no worse smell than being sweaty on the beach. If it means you bring own your deodorant, or have a little bottle of perfume in your bag, it’s a necessity to avoid smelling bad!

10. A game to keep you entertained!

•  Whether you wanna stay modern and play a few games of scrabble on your iPad, or dive into a few rounds of Candy Crush, technology never fails to keep you occupied!

•  On the other hand, some people like to get physically active on the beach. This involves playing a few matches of Kadima or passing around a soccer ball. These types of activities are great to break up the day and get a little adrenaline rolling. 

I know what you’re all thinking… THIS IS ONE HEAVY BEACH BAG! While that may be true, you must trust me when I tell you these 10 items are all essential to a perfect day at the beach. “How you gon’ be mad on vacation?” – you won’t… because you have the best beach bag around!