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10 Apps To Maintain Your Health this Semester

It’s finally the middle of the semester. You’re probably asking: where did all the time go? How am I supposed to survive these upcoming weeks as finals slowly approach? Considering the fact that we’re now smack dab in the middle of our semester, it’s not at all wrong to feel overwhelmed about assignments, exams or even just the feeling of another semester coming to an end; mid-semester anxiety and stress is totally normal! On top of everything, how are we supposed to maintain a healthy lifestyle so that we don’t crumble into sickness? Give yourself a pat on the back for getting past that first wave of sickness, but it’s now time to gear up and tackle the next wave of flu — and the stress that comes with being in the middle of the semester. With a little help from our handheld devices, we have plenty of resources to help us get into the habit of a healthier lifestyle right at our fingertips! Here’s a list of 10 apps to look for this semester to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Most apps here provide additional features with a fee, but the app and the basic features described are free.


1. Headspace

Feeling stressed and need a 15-minute breather? Headspace is an easily accessible meditation app that has hundreds of meditation sessions that help you build a clear mind, relieve stress and solidify a compassionate mindset. This app comes in the format of a user-friendly meditation pocketbook. Even better, you can customize the app based on your meditation needs. From a quick, simple, three-minute session to an hour-long meditation, Headspace has something for everyone.


2. Colorfy

If you have an artistic bone in your body, this app might be the right one for you. Colorfy is an adult coloring app that has allowed users to relieve tension and anxiety in just five minutes — or longer, if you please. The app has hundreds of pages to color on, which makes for a great release of artistic creativity and a great outlet to alleviate stress.  


3. Clue

Although maintaining a low-stress level is the main goal here, feminine health during stressful times is just as important. Clue was developed so that you can estimate your menstrual cycle, remind yourself to take your birth control and log your hormonal feelings and sexual activity. Stress also plays a role in the course of the menstrual cycle, so maintaining a low stress level is vital for a healthier lifestyle. A fun feature (or strange, depending on how you look at it) of the app is its ability to compare your periods with your friends and family. You can kind of look at it as a social media platform for menstrual cycles. If you’re concerned about your cycles, this app will allow you to log everything from birth control intakes to spotting; this way, you can keep track of your feminine health consistently.


4. Sleep Cycle

I don’t know about you, but I can truthfully say that I don’t get as much sleep as I’d like. With midterms, papers and finals lining up your schedule, it’s especially important to get as much sleep as you can within these next two months. This app tracks how much sleep you get and how well you sleep, based on movements the sensors in your phone track. While the premium version does cost a little bit more compared to those of other apps, it’s well worth the price — it could help sustain your health for this semester and many more to come.


5. Daily Yoga

Here’s an app for yogis and non-yogis alike. Daily Yoga is an app that provides access to a variety of quick workouts that clear the mind, including yoga, pilates and high-intensity interval training. If you don’t have the time or the money to cash out at Inner Fire or DragonFly on a daily basis, feel free to download this app for a stress-free, quick workout in your dorm or apartment.


6. Stop, Breathe &Think

Stop, Breathe &Think is another app that focuses on meditative practices that relieve stress and anxiety. This app tracks your mood based on your activity. It’s similar to Headspace in that it also provides several meditative podcasts and sessions throughout the week. However, Stop, Breathe & Think also has a feature that allows you to journal your sessions and mood ratings throughout the day.


7. Spotify

Music is a common way people escape the stresses of life. Where to get the most abundant access to music, but Spotify? This popular app is great for hosting a party or walking to class; but, it also has calming playlists that could be really beneficial for studying. Check out and stream other people’s “Study” or “Meditative” playlists, and you might discover some new tools for your own study routine. If you invest in a Spotify Premium Account, which is $4.99/month for college students, you’ll have constant access to playlists that comes without constant interruptions that disturb your ability to focus.


8. Aura

Let’s be real: there can never be enough meditation apps to relieve our stress and anxiety. Aura is another one that focuses on quick, simple, three-minute meditative sessions; but it also focuses on letting us reflect our feelings after that one simple session. Aura has assigned teachers that give daily meditation sessions if you’re looking for something quick to get through a tough day.


9. My Water Balance: Daily Drink Tracker & Reminder

Much like sleep, it can be easy to neglect your water intake. So many college students don’t drink enough water throughout the day, which is super unfortunate because water is the most vital part of our survival. This app allows you to keep track of how much water you drink each day based on your weight and height. Gradually throughout the day, your drink meter goes up after consuming water, and the feeling of that meter going up is an accomplishment within itself. You get the satisfaction of filling a meter all the way up at the end of the day, while also quenching your body’s thirst for water. Additionally, the app keeps track of all other drinks consumed to allow a visual of the all the drinks you consume throughout the day.  Overall, this app may be the most beneficial for our health in staying hydrated.


10. MyFitnessPal

In relation to maintaining a healthy diet, MyFitnessPal does an exceptional job tracking your calories and exercise activity. By inputting your height and weight characteristics, the app adjusts your calorie count daily. Journaling your meals and exercise will give you a better understanding of your food intake and eating habits, which helps you cultivate healthier eating habits. By setting up nutritional goals, you also enable processes for setting more challenging and unlocking empowerment incentives!


Downloading these 10 health apps will expand available opportunities for you tackle those pesky mid-semester struggles. If you see an app that you don’t normally use, go ahead and give one of it a try. See if that provides better results than the ones you’re currently using. Here’s to beating all our school-induced stress this semester!

Kailla Sam


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