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10 Accessories to Wear This Winter

Seasonal wardrobe rearrangements are always challenging, especially if you go to school in Madison, Wisconsin. You know you don’t just have to make the shift from warm clothes to cold clothes, but from cold clothes to even colder clothes.

However, the frigid temperature should never be a reason not to go out. In fact, it should be a reason to whip out the hottest winter accessories. So here are the top ten must-haves as winter approaches:

  1. Tights

Tights will not only keep you snug but also allow you show off your long and hard-worked-for legs. The fitting and slimming nature of tights allows for you to still wear shorts and mini skirts with your outfit, which will add a taste of spring and summer amid winter days.


  1. Beanies

Who doesn’t love an adorable little hat on top of her head? Wearing beanies is the perfect way to stay fashion forward and to keep your head warm. Plus, there are so many styles and colors to choose from— you can always change it up!

  1. Scarves

A scarf is truly a neck’s best friend. No matter how formal the event is, a scarf will make you look as chic as ever. Did I also mention it will also keep you SUPER cozy?!

  1. Suede skirts

No matter the season, we just can’t seem to give up those little skirts. But instead of wearing vibrant, patterned skirts, try wearing black or neutral toned skirts. That way, you can stay warm and fashion-forward all at the same time.

  1. Tall boots

High boots are in and are perfect for the declining temperatures. They dress up a simple outfit and look amazing with skirts, dresses, and jeans. Your calves will never be cold again!

  1. High socks

If you’re not into that tall-boot look, we have a solution for you. Thick high socks are now hip and hot. Plus, they are adorable with cozy sweaters. Bonus: if you ever get a little too warm, you can even scrunch them down and make them anklet socks.

  1. Turtlenecks

Whoever said turtlenecks were out of style was absolutely wrong. Turtlenecks transcend time and will have you looking as classy as ever. They are super easy and fun to dress up or down. They will make you stand out in a crowd.


  1. Long Sweaters

Whether en route to a bar, restaurant or movie theatre, long sweaters are the go-to garment this winter. This multipurpose clothing not only looks adorable but also keeps most parts of your body comfy and cozy.

  1. Leather Jackets

Let’s face it, no one actually likes doing that “no jacket” thing when waiting in line for a club or bar. What’s even worse is having to check a big puffy winter coat while you’re being pushed and shoved into a venue. There’s a solution to all these problems, though: a leather jacket.

  1. Fur Vest

A fur vest is probably the warmest and trendiest article of clothing you can add to an outfit. Everyone’s eyes will be glued to you, and no one will be able to resist giving you a great big bear hug.

Dressing appropriately for the weather can be tough, but we got you covered. Don’t let the cold temperatures stop you from going out or looking trendy! Stay warm! 

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