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Why We Don’t Deserve Matthew Gray Gubler

You probably know him as Spencer Reid from CBS’ Criminal Minds. But avid fans, like me, know him as so much more. Matthew Gray Gubler is our heart, soul and wallpapers–if you love him that much. (And I do) If you don’t, here are some reasons why you definitely should.

1. First, he’s just got an awesome name.

I mean, come on. That’s a given.


2. He’s got the best character on Criminal Minds.

Gubler plays a literal genius on Criminal Minds with an IQ of 187. His character also has an edetic memory, which (if you had to look it up like I did), means he has a photographic memory. His character can also read up to 20,000 words a minute and he has three BA’s and three PHD’s. We love a smart guy.


3. He’s goofy.

Matthew Gray Gubler is a silly person, and we love him for that.

4. He’s an artist. 

Sure, his stuff is different. But that’s what we love most about him.


5. He was an amazing/hilarious model.

This is some of his older stuff, but, look. at. that. card. pose. Swoon.

6. He says nice things sometimes.

7. He’s directed 10+ episodes of Criminal Minds.

What can we say? He’s well-rounded.

8. He thinks outside the box. 

In a interview, Gubler stated that if he could have one super-power, it would be to videotape his dreams. Who would have thought of something that creative besides him? 

If you haven’t fallen in love with him yet, just follow him on one of his social media platforms. You’ll never want to leave.


Instagram: @gublergram

We love you, too, Gubler. 

<3, The Gubler Nation


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