Why I Went Greek

What do you think when you imagine sorority life? Do you think of the movie The House Bunny? What about the movie Sydney White? Maybe you think about the ABC Family hit T.V. show GREEK?

Well, as sorority women, we can tell you for a fact that none of those movies or T.V. shows mirror reality. Not even Legally Blonde (one of our personal favorites) gives a realistic expectation of what Greek life is really like. Society paints Greek life as wild or as party animals that haze every chance that they get. This, especially at Winthrop, is UNTRUE.

So, why go Greek? Well, let us tell you.

Joining a sorority is exciting, fun, and a lot of work. When you rush into a sorority, you go through a weekend of recruitment that is one of the most exhausting, but exciting, weekends of your life. But the best part of recruitment is that there is no downside. If you go through recruitment and decide not to go Greek then it is perfectly okay. You will walk away with great friends and an experience that you will never forget. If you do decide to go Greek then you’ll walk away from recruitment with a bid in your hand, a new home and a new life full of fun with sisters that will be there for a lifetime.

Sorority Presidents gathering together to collect supplies for schools around Rock Hill

Going Greek has allowed us to meet many awesome sisters, friends, and other Panhellenic sisters. While being Greek we have been able to experience great Panhellenic events including supporting other sororities and their events that are on and off campus. One of the best aspects of going Greek is being able to get involved in on-campus activities and organizations. As you can see, there is always something fun and exciting going on when you’re Greek (and even if you’re not Greek, you get to participate in Panhellenic events and learn about Greek life).

Caitlan Walzer and Brindis Lundberg supporting Chi-Omega

Along with the fun and social side of Greek life, Greek women have some of the highest GPAs (an average of a 3.26) on campus. Meaning, if you join a sorority, you will have a support system helping you through school and encouraging you to strive for higher grades.

Circle of Sisterhood committee supporting #OneWorldOneSisterhood

Worried that you will just be in a sorority and not have an identity? No worries, a sorority should not define you, in fact, you should define it. Greek life is an important aspect in college. It is a great outlet to meet new people and get involved in the community. As Greek women, we suggest joining other organizations that support the Winthrop community. You could even take a position in the sorority- or you could take a position within the Panhellenic community. In Greek life, you are a part of a bigger picture. No matter the sorority, Greeks all have instilled loyalty, responsibility, and punctuality in them.

Sydney Whitman, Chappell Moseley, and Caitlan Walzer

As you can see, sororities aren’t how Hollywood perceives them to be and are more than the party scenes society thinks. Greek life is where you know after a long day that you can have a sister to lean on- such as studying together, having an emotional get together by getting Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts together, going to DiG’s to eat dinner, or even swinging on scholars together.

Sisters enjoying a snow day last winter

If you are on the fence about going through recruitment, do it! It was one of the best decisions that we have ever made. Greek life is so much more than what society paints us to be and that is why we went Greek. Most of all, we want everyone to know that we didn’t pay for our friends because our sisters, and the Panhellenic community, are priceless.


No matter the letters, we are all Greek together.