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Who Is Dreamier: Peter Kavinsky or Jamey?

Noah Centineo has suddenly become everyone’s heartthrob – I mean he’s PERFECT. The exceedingly cute actor stars on 2 Netflix Originals: To All The Boys I’ve Loved and Sierra Burgess is a Loser. His character in each movie is dreamy, but ultimately which one takes the cake? Peter Kavinsky or Jamey? Let’s see…

  • Jamey wasn’t trying to make another girl jealous

Jamey’s focus was to be with the girl he fell for, not fake a relationship to make his ex jealous.

  • Peter was very attentive to Lara Jean’s interests from the very start

Yes Jamey gave Sierra attention also, but Peter always put everyone’s needs before his own, including his fake-girlfriend.

  • Peter loved hanging out with Lara Jean and her family

From the moment Kitty and Lara Jean got into Peter’s truck, Peter wanted to befriend Kitty. He would even have movie nights with them!

  • Jamey was less of a “jerk” (That’s putting it nicely!)

Even though Peter and Lara Jean were fake dating, Peter would still be on the phone with his ex Gen every night. However, everyone thought their relationship was real. A little weird to talk to your ex every night..

  • Peter says some pretty drool-worthy lines

There’s no one like you, CoveyWHEW! SWOON!  However Jamey’s, “You’re my type. You’re exactly my type.” also made me fall out of my bed. Both guys just say the cutest things. So who wins this one? I must say.. it’s a tie.

So who was the overall winner? Peter or Jamey? I think it was Noah Centineo overall!!

I’m sure he is just as dreamy (if not more!) than his characters.

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