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Where to Shop if You Want to See More Inclusivity

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Reading this sentence has brought so much joy to the hearts of many, as many stores choose to keep their items for our curvy babes and taller/shorter than average friends all online, prohibiting potential buyers from trying on clothes to see how they look and feel before purchasing. For the stores that do have these items available in-person, they are typically pricer than the rest of their stock. To combat this, I have created a list of stores where people who need altered clothing sizes can shop without spending all the extra money for being who they are.


    One of the newest to join this list, Old Navy has recently added sizes up to 4X for clothing items that are priced the same as sizes XS-XL. This comes as the brand is trying to revamp itself as all-inclusive, and honestly, they are killing it. Old Navy is already cheap in price compared to most popular stores today, and keeping their new inclusive line in the cheaper price range is a score for everyone.  
    To put it bluntly, Torrid is the Victoria’s Secret for midsize and plus-size ladies. Though slightly pricier side, the average bra is $40-$50, the quality of the clothes is 100% worth it. They also provide sizing services and clothes, going up to a size H in bras and size 30 in jeans. The clothes are also similar to Forever 21 or She-in, except the quality is better and the range of sizes is greater. 
  3. KOHLS
    Kohls is killing it with the plush size clothing game. Offering sizes up to 6XL. They offer a little bit of everything from jeans to professional clothing, and with constant sales and Kohl’s cash, the clothes can drop so low you feel like you’re stealing. 
  4. MACYS
    Macy’s is the go-to store for plus-sized girls who need formal clothing. They sell the perfect clothes for year-round, selling everything from bathing suits to winter jackets. The sizes go up to 36W and the store has a whole that is regularly inexpensive, and the clothes get even cheaper as Macy’s constantly has sales and coupons. 
    Walmart, an all-time favorite of college students, sells sizes from XS to 5XL. This is for all clothing types, including scrubs, maternity clothes, and Levi jeans. And, despite the stigma around buying clothes from Walmart, the clothes are actually a really good quality for a lesser price. They also sell cute brands such as Time and Tru and Terra and Sky.


    This one is for my petite girls, as the whole shop caters to those who are 5’4 and shorter. The clothes are relatively cheap, and the store offers a monthly rental service similar to Stitchfix, where at around $70 a month you can have a whole outfit weekly. This store sells petite clothing to all genders.   
  2. ASOS
    Asos may not be specifically for petite women, but they have a whole section in-store and online dedicated to petite women at a range of prizes. This store is perfect for any aesthetic, with pants cut shorter to fit more people. The store’s sizes range from 3XS to XL. They also have pants made for taller people too, but not a whole section dedicated to it. 
    Look at Target making it again on this list!! Target has a wide selection of jeans sizes, not only in band size but in length as well!! With average length, shorter, and longer sizes target is the one-stop shop for jeans and leggings regardless of height. 
  4. GAP
    GAP may be the priciest store on this list, but with their section of clothing for women over 5’9 in height, this store is a bullseye find for taller women. The section is called the “Tall Shop” and has a wide variety of dresses, rompers, pants, and tops. Despite being the priciest, most of the items average at around Old Navy Prices. 

Body inclusivity in the clothing industry at cheap prices is very hard to come by, and stores trying their best to widen their target market is a major leap in the right direction. Hopefully, more stores will realize the true beauty of people regardless of their body and adapt more for all people to feel confident.

Breanna Gayle is a sophomore Special Education major here at Winthrop as well as a member of Chi Omega!!! She can usually be seen hanging around campus with friends or getting an iced coffee. She is very excited and honored to be a part of the Her Campus crew!!
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