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Legally Blonde
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What I Learned from Legally Blonde

Legally Blonde is one of the most popular “rom-coms” ever made. Boasting over 20 years since its premiere, it continues to be one of the most watched female-led movies. Elle Woods is a entertaining character who makes it difficult not to cheer for her at all times. From the well-known “bend and snap” to her stunning fashion sense, she continues to shine as a icon in the movie industry. Although the movie is a light-hearted classic, there are many life lessons that can be learned from the ambitious Elle Woods.

always strive towards your goals

There were several instances where Elle could have fallen victim to Imposter Syndrome however she continued to persevere until she reached her goals. Starting off as someone who was often taken as a joke for trying to get accepted into Harvard to being chosen as the student-elected speaker at graduation, she exceled in accomplishing her dreams. These accomplishments did not come without hard work though. Throughout the movie, she constantly faced adversity from not struggling with the required coursework to experiencing sexual harassment by her professor. Although her situation was not always ideal, she continued to keep a positive attitude and work harder towards her goals.

don’t let anyone dull your sparkle

From the pre-law advisor to her fellow classmates to even her own parents, there were always people who did not believe in Elle’s ability to succeed at Harvard Law. In the first few weeks of the semester, Elle is determined to get back together with Warner, her ex-boyfriend, however after she realizes that he does not even see her as an equal, even after getting into the same law school and taking the same classes, the movie takes a dramatic turn. Elle turns into a productive queen who doesn’t take no for an answer. This give-it-your-all approach is what makes her successful in all of her endeavors no matter who does not support her. By not falling into the trap of allowing other’s opinions to dictate your own success, you will not suffer from a fixed mindset because you understand that your opinion is the only one that matters in the end.

Always follow your instinct

Elle’s instinct is the reason for her winning the court case after all. She followed her gut that Brooke was not the killer which led to the overall discovery that it was the daughter. Additionally, if she had not made the connection between Enrique, the pool boy, and her last-season Prada shoes then she would not have disproven one of the main pieces of evidence against Brooke. In the last scene, Elle states “You must always have faith in people. And, most importantly, you must always have faith in yourself.” This exact quote describes how important it is to believe and understand that we are capable of accomplishing whatever we strive towards.

Final thought

Overall, watching Legally Blonde was a very motivating experience for me. I would sincerely recommend it to anyone who needs motivation to get through a difficult time in life. I will leave you with one last quote, “What Like It’s Hard.” Take that Elle Woods attitude and go accomplish your goals!

Shea Linton

Winthrop '23

Junior Biology Major at Winthrop University Class of 2022.5
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