What Happens When You Buy a Cat For $5

Collegiettes, if you've ever thought about getting a cat, here's my story about what happens when you buy a cat for $5!


It was a pretty normal day. I went to my first two classes, sleep deprived and hungry. When I finished, my boyfriend decided to reward me with a quick trip to our local pet-shop. This wasn't a usual thing for us; we were just animal deprived college students seeking some fun. So we loaded up in the car for the two minute drive. As soon as we walked in I zoned in on the cats, while loosing my significant other in the dog section. 

When my boyfriend finally managed to pull me away to the bunnies, he jokingly asked the employee "How much are your cats?" with which she responded "Well, they're on sale for $5 because they're old."


The oldest cat in there was only three years old. So I did what any cat person would have done. I adopted a longhaired, orange cat who didn't even have a name. I didn't have a place for him as I live in a dorm, so I decided to skip my last class and make the three hour drive home with a cat in my car. Needless to say it was the best day of my life. 

He was all bones under his long coat, and had a massive eye infection going on. But it was a match made in heaven. He was all snuggles and kisses on the ride home, and even sat in my lap. I was already smitten with him. And he with me. As he was going to have a home now, with food and a warm place to sleep. After our journey together, I decided to call him Remy.

When we got home, I found out very quickly that Remy LOVED water. He only drinks his water from the sink. 

Soon, he had to be introduced to his new brother. And before we knew it, they became best friends. 

Although someone thought he was only worth $5, Remy is priceless to me. 

So, when you buy a cat for $5, expect a lot of baggage. but in the end, they will steal your heart. 


Whoever said money can't buy happiness, never found a cat for $5.