West Coast vs East Coast Food Chains

While there are many different benefits of going to college on the opposite coast of home town, one of the best is getting to try all of the new food places!

There are many places that are very similar in cuisine, but with a few minor differences. Here is my take on similar places and which coast has the best food!


Noah’s Bagels vs Einstein Bros. Bagels

Both of these places can help cure any breakfast craving. They have similar menus and it is honestly to pick one over the other as it is hard to make a bad bagel.


Jamba Juice vs Smoothie King

Both of these places make a killer smoothie. Jamba Juice uses more real fruit in their as opposed to sorbets and flavoring. So if I am craving a healthier smoothie I would opt. for Jamba, but if I want a super sweet, more dessert-like smoothie, then Smoothie King all the way.


 La Bou vs Newks Eatery

La Bou has a special place in my heart, but Newks definitely has a bigger menu. La Bou has a better salad, but other than that Newks takes the cake on this one.


Beach Hut Deli vs Groucho’s Deli

Everyone has their go to sandwich spot. In my opinion, this battle hands down goes to Beach Hut. I haven’t had a bad sub on their sandwich menu and their restaurant has the best vibes.


Dutch Bros. vs Novas Bakery

Coffee is an essential to everyone’s routine. I am personally a fan of Novas and would pick it over Dutch Bros. any day. Dutch Bros. is focused on people that are on the go and they only have a drive through option. On the other hand, Novas creates an inviting environment that welcomes people in side.


In and out vs any burger place on the East

While this one is not very specific, In and Out tops any burger place the East Coast can throw at it. Their simple menu and fresh ingredients always hits the spot and this is why it is always my first stop when I go home to visit.


Of course there are tos of other restaurants on both sides of the countries that are all delicious. It is hard to pick a “winner”, so I guess I will keep eating my way through college.

Happy Final Weeks Collegiettes!