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The Ups, the Downs and LOLs of Living in a House Full of Girls

There’s nothing more exciting than moving in with your best friends–they’re basically the sisters that you were able to choose! Check out all of the ups and downs of living in a house full of girls!

Your closet basically triples because of all the new options.

Nothing to wear in your closet? Don’t worry….I’m sure the other three closets in the house are full of great options!

Always being able to go on late night Cookout/McDonalds/Sonic/Steak n’ Shake runs….they are a must.

Goodbye beach bod, hello all the chicken nuggets a college girl can buy.

When you run out of food and so you have to start stealing the smallest amount of their food periodically hoping they don’t catch you.

If you deny this, you’re lying.


Wine basically runs through our veins and we are not ashamed!

When their habits start to annoy you completely and you just need your alone time.

You love the girls you live with but sometimes a girl needs some time to have a bubble bath and ~vErY~ large glass of wine!

You always have someone to binge watch netflix with when you should be studying.

…because binge-watching alone can make you feel a tad guilty.

Always having workout partners.

Who else is going to make you peel your eyes off the screen you’ve been staring at for the past seven hours?

Having conversations that always consist of topics and details that probably shouldn’t leave the house…

Including but not limited to: periods, pooping, sex and that crazy girl from last weekend. 

At the end of the day, you are making some of the best memories of your life with some of your best friends…between both the good and the bad!

These days won’t last forever so enjoy them while you can. Eat all the pizza and chicken nuggets you can, stay in your pajamas all day when you should be studying, and laugh until you cry with your favorite girlies–trust me, you won’t regret it.


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