Top 10 Reasons You NEED To Watch "Siren"

Looking for a new show to obsess over? Or heard of the new show 'Sirens' but you need some convincing to why you should watch it? 

Well, here's ten reasons why:



okay technically they're Sirens but close enough right?!

2. It has Eline Powell From Game Of Thrones!! 

3. Its available on Hulu and Freeform!

4. It'll turn you into a 'conspiracy theorist' because the government is up to NO GOOD

5. The Pilot leaves you with so many unanswered questions

Click here to watch! 


6. Its created by the same people who created Pretty Little Liars

Those people are genius'. So this show has GOT to be just as good!


7. Its not your average mermaid, It's Jaws with Legs!


8. Each episode is an hour long!


9. There's supposed to be ten episodes!

10. And there's a possible human-mermaid relationship in the making!!

So, before you need to catch up on every episode, better hit record for the next episode!