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Time to Fist Pump ‘Jersey Shore’ is Back

Where’s the beach? Oh yea, you know what that means, their baaaack and boy are we ready.


The high-quality trashy reality show Jersey Shore will be returning to our television screens on April 5th 2018. The hype is unreal and for good reason, the whole crew (except for Sammi sweetheart) will be returning in a family vacation in Miami.


After the failed attempt of a spin off ‘Floribama Shore’ we are in desperate need of our OG guido and guidettes to return and fill our hearts with none stop jersey turnpikes and lots of bronzer. A lot has changed for us as an audience however, a lot has changed for the cast as well.

Nicole “Snooki” and Jenni “JWOWW” are now wives and mothers, Dena is married and Ronnie is an expecting father. Don’t worry though the crew still knows how to get down and is ready to party like its 2009 at the Shore house.


Since all this returning news, it would not be completed without the casts original duck phone to return as well. This phone put a staple to the jersey shore house and will always be loved by us all. Along with original things that left an impression is the Staten Island Kim Kardashian herself, Angelina will be coming back to add to the drama.

She may have only been around for two seasons but she is sure good at stirring the pot and should add the right amount of drama we have been craving.



Our feelings are over whelmed with joy that we get to relive our middle school glory days of T-shirt time, GTL, Meatball adventures and of course cabs are here!

Make sure to tune in Collegiettes this is an event you will not want to miss.

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