This "Stranger Things" Death Still Has Me Shook

***Warning: Stranger Things 2 Spoilers Ahead! If you haven't seen the first or second season, I suggest not reading any further!***


Okay, we all know that the Duffer Brothers, writers and directors of the original Netflix series Stranger Things, have graced our eyes and ears with a new season that premiered on October 27th. 

We are brought back into the world of Hawkins, Indiana to discover the fate of the infamous Eleven and her misfit group of friends. We are also introduced to some new characters like Max, her brother Billy, and Bob who is Joyce's new boyfriend. We also are introduced to one of the best characters this season, Dustin's cat, Mews. 


Mews is a beloved, orange cat that seems to live a pretty great life in the Henderson household with Dustin and his mom. However, Mews life doesn't last very long because Mews is eaten by a Demodog named Dart, namely decided by Dustin. A demodog is a mix of a dog and a demogorgon which we are alllll too familiar with thanks to Season 1. 


Forget Barb, and honestly, forget Bob. Where is the justice for Mews? She was just a sweet little house cat that became prey to Dart when he molted once again into a larger form of a Demogorgon. This is one fictional death I will never get over.