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The Sisters of the Valley, AKA Weed Nuns

With 26 states (and the District of Columbia), legalizing marijuana use — whether recreationally or medicinally — Americans that are opposed to the legalization are starting to see a downfall in the ‘war’ on pot.

Who would have thought that after participating in so many D.A.R.E campaigns in elementary school, that our country’s opinion would end up here? Who would have thought we would see authority figures questioning their validity on whether or not weed is really bad?

If you are still uneducated on the topic, I really encourage you to watch The Sinister Reason Weed is Illegal where a popular bit on CollegeHumor called Adam Ruins Everything describes the levels of prejudice and propaganda that went in to illegalizing marijuana in the first place.

So with all these advancements being made throughout our country, we shouldn’t be surprised by the overwhelming amount of activism that has begun to grow throughout America.

With that being said, meet some of the wildest and most appealing activists of them all, the Weed Nuns, a group of women in an organization titled “Sisters of the Valley.” And yes, it’s exactly like it sounds.

These women from Merced County, California denounce religion, government, and believe in the spiritual healing of the cannabis plant.

These nuns grow their own strains of cannabis and then transform them into weed based ointments and balms. Their image may be taboo in this country, but they only want to bring the plant to those who need it all while denouncing the false information spread about the plant through propaganda.

Their leader, Sister Kate, created this organization three years ago and writes in her blog (link below) that their message is “not new,” and that they are just some of the many Beguine Revivalists around the world, reaching back to times before Christianity.

So what’s up with nun get up then? Technically they can’t be nuns because they aren’t affiliated with a religion, but apparently, in an interview with the Guardian in 2016, the ‘nuns’ participated in Occupy Wall Street, where she dressed up as a nun. From there she became known as “Sister Occupy,” and just stuck with the image.

While these women are activists, they are also business women! It’s important to note that these women not only formed a sisterhood of like minded women, but these women also began a business for women that sells balms and oils that utilize the cannabis plant for beneficial purposes.

So how did these women gain popularity? Why am I even writing about this to you now? Well, one of my all-time favorite actresses, Aubrey Plaza, who is also a public marijuana activist, sat down and had an interview with the Weed Nuns in light of her new movie “Ingrid Goes West” (y’all should check it out, it’s in select theater’s now!). If you haven’t already seen the interview, you should also check that out here!

Basically, Aubrey is all about the message the Weed Nuns share. She’s about the positivity for women that the Weed Nuns cultivate, and she’s obviously there for that purple cream, you know, from the Sisters’ private medicine cabinet.

If you’d like to know more about the Sisters of the Valley, you could check out their website, www.sistersofcbd.com, or you could also look at Sister Kate’s blog, http://cannabiskateincalifornia.blogspot.com, where she details how to get more information and get behind the movement! 

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