A Ranking of the Gossip Girl Thanksgiving Episodes

In a world that so often skips over Thanksgiving, there is always one constant: Gossip Girl will kill it on a Thanksgiving episode. So let's celebrate Queen B’s favorite holiday the only way acceptable; with a ranking of the episodes!


*Spoiler Alert* 

4. Season 1 Ep. 9: Blair Waldorf Must Pie!

Okay, I’m not hating on this because it’s the first season, this one just has too much drama (and not the good kind). Dan and Jenny’s annoying mother still not over Rufus being in love with Lily, Blair’s dad not showing up, the return of her Blair’s eating disorder. But from it all we do get a sweet, sweet Blair and Serena friendship moment, that can substitute for Harold Waldorf’s pie. 


5. Season 2 Ep. 11: The Magnificent Archibald's 

Where do we start with this one? Honestly, I ranked it so low because Aaron Rose is without a doubt Serena’s worst boyfriend, but the way she tried to hide her past from him just made everything so much worse. Probably the only entertaining thing about this episode is the competition of who is the worst father: Bart Bass with his Van Der Woodsen dossier’s or Howard Archibald trying to kidnap his own child and extort his rich in-laws. Real tough one there.  


3. Season 4 Ep. 10: Gaslit

I still today cannot decide if psycho Juliet was one of the best or worst characters. I mean making Serena think she overdosed and totally isolating her from her friends and family, that’s dedication to a cause, a really, really bad cause. This does prompt the beginning of one of the best takedowns ever to be shown on television, by Dan and Blair of all people. At least we got a semi-sweet Archibald family moment, I’m sure the Thanksgiving food in prison is top notch. 


2. Season 3 Ep. 11: The Treasure of Serena Madre

This almost made number one because this had drama, drama, DRAMA. Political affairs and unrequited love, poor little Nate, yes please. Literally everyone and their mother was mad at each other in this episode, and I loved it. Serena leaving with Tripp, woah, Maureen finding the secret note to blackmail Serena with, WOAH.  And to add a little cherry on top, PREGNANT DOROTA!! 


1. Season 6 Ep. 8 It’s Really Complicated

Leave it to GG to save the best for last. As the description reads, “What’s Thanksgiving without a side of drama?” The showdown between Chuck and Bart is killer, no pun intended, almost as good as Nate punching Dan in the face. Caused of course by his brutal Vanity Fair article on Serena that, of course, is published in the middle of dinner. All leading up to the possibility of Nate going to prison for the exact same crime as his father (lol) and Chuck and Blair officially declaring war on Bart, with the help of Lily of course. 


Hopefully, all of your Thanksgivings were filled with a little more family and a little less blackmail. XOXO, Collegiettes!