PSA: Pineapple DOES Belong On Pizza

There has been an ongoing argument as to whether pineapple does or does not belong on pizza and I am here to tell you that it ABSOLUTELY DOES BELONG ON YOUR PIZZA. If you don’t like pineapple on your pizza, are you even human?!

The sweet and salty combination is heaven on Earth and people seriously need to stop disrespecting it! Deep down, we all know that pineapple on pizza is heaven in your mouth. 

Here are a couple reasons as to why pineapple should definitely be added onto your pizza:

  • Pineapple is delicious. Pizza is delicious. Slap ‘em both together and holy moly!!!!
  • Kale, olives, even onions and ANCHOVIES!!!! are an acceptable topping so hm, why shouldn’t pineapple be one?!
  • Uhhh because it’s awesome????
  • Fruit is a good source of fiber and we all should be eating a good amount of fruit
  • Because when you add ham to your pineapple pizza, you create a Hawaiian pizza, therefore it's like having a small, yummy piece of Hawaii with you
  • Because non-Hawaiian pizza is BORINGGGG.

Now I know some of you will whole-heartedly disagree and say that in no way, shape or form does pineapple belong on pizza but *cough cough* it does....

Now with that said,