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PSA: Coffee Addicts

PSA: COFFEE LOVERS- Let’s be honest, how many times have you searched for a coffee mug that perfectly described your mood? Ever want a mug that would talk for you? Say what you couldn’t say- or didn’t want to say? Well, look no further! These coffee mugs are a MUST have. Clear a space in your cabinet or on the counter, these cups may just take over. 


How many times have you resorted to coffee because life hit you smack in the face and you realized that *adulting* is hard? This coffee mug is the perfect excuse to drink coffee and not have to explain why you are on your sixth cup of coffee and it’s before 2 p.m.

Let’s be honest, college can be difficult. How many times have you been in class, or at home trying to do your homework, and you just can’t concentrate? “My brain has too many tabs open….” mug says exactly what we’ve all been thinking!

When the going gets tough, this cup and some coffee will give you all of the ambition you need to get stuff done!

Sometimes all we need is a little reminder… grab your new mug, your favorite drink, and take on the world because YOU are the *boss lady.*

A little color never killed nobody! Stop over thinking and grab your neon pink coffee cup and drink to all of the hard work you put in as a student. 

Dark bags under your eyes, hair in a messy bun and running late to class? Sounds like this concoction is the perfect batch of #sleepdeprivedcollegestudent. Collegiate, do yourself a favor and grab yourself a new #tired mug and get some caffeine in your system!

All my sassy ladies put your hands in the air! Let’s be honest, how many times have you thought to yourself “wow, I did not mean to be that sassy.” Girl, you’ve been sassy since birth– it comes naturally. 

“These are a few of my favorite things…” Put your phone down, grab this mug and sip on the sweetness of your favorite things.

Ever girl deserves to have a statement mug expressing how she is blessed, well dressed, and a little coffee obsessed.  

For those who love Adele and gossip, this mug is for you! Time to spill the tea and get to sippin’.


Need more inspiration or mugs that speak to you? Check out our Pinterest board “Cup o’ Joe b4 I go!” Happy shopping and sipping collegiettes!

Caitlan Walzer is a sophomore at Winthrop University majoring in mass communication with a concentration in broadcast journalism. She is originally from San Diego, California and then in 2000 moved to a small town in South Carolina. She enjoys competing in pageants (is a part of the Miss America Organization) and is a licensed makeup consultant for Merle Norman Cosmetics. Caitlan is an active student at Winthrop, enjoys watching Netflix, being an active member within her sorority, spending time with her friends, and, of course, drinking Starbucks.   
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