"Pretty Little Liars" Premiere Recap

As a fan of "Pretty Little Liars" from the very begining, I never thought this show would end or that the show's producer, Marlene King, would ever have to give us some real answers behind big bad A. 

Tuesday April 18th, was the start of the final 10 episodes of PLL ever

In an interview with variety. com , Executive Producer Oliver Goldstick, warns fans to prepare themselves for what is to come. 

“These final 10 episodes of ‘PLL’ will provide an emotional, shocking, and satisfying conclusion to our long-running ride – seatbelts and airbags are definitely required," said Goldstick. 

With that being said, I'm sure "PLL" fans everywhere are feeling a wide range of emotions leading up to the series finale. After watching the season premiere, I had experienced some emotions of my own. If you havent had the opportunity to watch yet I'm about to give you a recap, you've been warned....



Mary Drake admitted to being Spencer's mother in the 7A season finale and Mrs. Hastings didn't deny it in the 7B premiere...like whatttt?!

Ezra left Aria to go be with Nicole. Again. Dude, you're marrying Aria, you love her! Ezria forever remember?

A left the Liars a board game, End Game, and it's pretty cool but tbh this A stuff is getting kind of old. Reveal yourself already!

Ya'll, Spencer decided to play the End Game after the girls specifically decided together that they weren't going to and they can't stop playing now...A's rules.

Hanna and Caleb are together and happy. I ship them so hard. He's so supportive and so hot. To Hanna and Caleb...

Allison, Paige and Emily all work at Rosewood High School. No surprise that Allison was throwing hella shade at Paige in the staff meeting. Old habits die hard. 

 Allison is pregnant, Marco is suspicious of the whereabouts of Archer Dunhill a.k.a. Elliot Rollins, Aria runs into Holden, the Senator's daughter is wearing Hanna's designs and surprise, surprise Jenna is involved. 


It's a lot to take in, I know. And keep in mind Collegietes, it's only episode 1. Marlene King promises wedding bells, death, drama and lots of answers in the upcoming episodes. Stay tuned ladies!