Pikachu Speaks English! My 5 Reactions as Told By GIFS

The latest Pokemon Movie called Pokemon the Movie: I Choose You! Was released in English on Nov. 5 as a limited theatrical run, and moviegoers got a childhood-ruining surprise.

A video has been circulating that shows a scene in the movie where our beloved Pikachu speaks English!?!?! From the video, I could tell the crowd in the theater that day wasn’t pleased, as audience members explicitly muttered expletives and other reactions of disapproval. Here are a few accurate depictions of my reactions:


1. ...WTF?

I'm just.... so confused..... and upset.... and also confused. WTF?


First of all... Pikachu has never spoken English. Taking away his signature “Pika pika” is taking away his entire character and, um, I don’t think so pal!

3. WTF?? (Again)

I’m just super offended... Why was this necesary? Who did this to us?


Everything! Burn it all! Nothing matters anymore! This ruined everything!

5. SMH

Realizing that Pikachu’s only one of many of my favorite childhood characters that have been soiled by the generation of terrible remakes makes me incredibly sad.

Collegiettes, this changes everything. I am upset about this, and I bet you are too.