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Music is a necessary part of each day, at least for me.

There is no way I can do anything for more than 5 minutes without some music playing in the background to keep me focused on the task at hand. When I am doing math homework, putting laundry away, doing my makeup, or really anything, my favorite thing to listen to is something mellow, that is also a bop. I know I can’t be the only one who enjoys music like this, so with that being said, I have created a 13-song playlist filled with some of my favorite tunes for a perfect, chill, fall day.

1. Lifeline- Souly Had

There is something so catchy, but still so relaxing about the mellow, yet hip hop-ish beats in this hit by Souly Had.


2. Loving Is Easy- Rex Orange County (feat. Benny Sings)

Any song by Rex Orange County has the ability to transform a gloomy day into a bright one. This song will, without a doubt, have you dancing around your room in the first 10 seconds.


3. Edition- Rex Orange County

Again, it’s Rex Orange County, so you already know it’s going to be great.  


4. Get You- Daniel Caeser (feat. Kali Uchis)

His voice + the slow rhythm = a melody sent from heaven above. That’s all. 


5. We Find Love- Daniel Caeser

I’m not going to lie, this song kind of puts me in my feels, but all the best songs do, right? Every song off of this R&B-inspired album, Freudian, is a hit.


6. Cherry Wine (Live)- Hozier

Hozier is fantastic in general, and the live version of any song makes it 10x better than it is. This is the perfect song to wind-down. 


7. Happiness- Rex Orange County

Surprise, surprise, it’s Rex Orange County, yet again. The music in this song is so pretty, and the lyrics are crazy cute, so that just adds to it. 


8. Lego House- Ed Sheeran

This whole album, +, instantly brings me back to middle school, which was a tough time for me, but Ed Sheeran’s music helped me get through it. This song, along with anything by him, is timeless.  


9. 26- Paramore

Paramore has been my favorite band since 2010, and every song off of their latest album, “After Laughter” is a banger, but this is definitely one of the best. I had the pleasure of seeing Paramore in concert this summer, and let me tell you, hearing Hayley Williams sing this in person was a beautiful experience.


10. Better- Khalid

Literally, Khalid is a gift. I have yet to listen to something by him that isn’t stuck in my head for a week. 


11. idontwannabeyouanymore- Billie Eilish 

I just want to mention that Billie Eilish is only 16 and has the most angelic voice ever, which is insane to me.


12. Cigarette Daydreams- Cage the Elephant

This is probably the most basic, indie song ever, but there’s a reason everyone enjoys it. “Cigarette Daydreams” will give you the happiest vibes, and it’s also really fun to belt out in the shower… not that I’d know.


13. Fallingforyou (Live from The O2)- The 1975

It’s The 1975, it’s the live version, and the beginning is the lead singer, Matty Healy, talking to the crowd. Plus he has the BEST British accent. Do I need to say more?


Whether you’re studying, hanging out with friends, or relaxing after a stressful exam, these tunes are a perfect addition. Add these 13 songs to your sweater weather playlist, and I guarantee your mood will be brightened with every one that comes on. Happy listening, Collegiettes!

megan ploch

Winthrop '21

Hi! My name is Megan, and I am a junior biology major at Winthrop University. In addition to being a member of Her Campus, I am a sister of Delta Zeta. I love all things NYC, music, and beauty.
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