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Paul Walker Did Romantic Movies?!

Everyone knows the late Paul Walker for his Fast and the Furious movies, but did you know that he has done movies on the softer side as well?


He was in a movie called Noel, which came out in 2004.  I this movie features other stars such as, Susan Sarandon, Penelope Cruz, and Robin Williams. 

The movie mainly focuses between a story of single woman trying to find love again and a couple who tries to keep their love aflame.

It starts off with Rose going to see her mother in the hospital. She finds her mother sitting in the bed, emotionless. After trying to talk to her, with no reaction, she goes across the hall to visit the man next door and runs into Robin Williams’ character sitting into the room. After an awkward interaction, she stumbles into the hallway and runs into her doctor and reveals that she is 40 and single. At her job, she is wooed by a man that is younger than her, named Marco. Rose is iffy on dating out of her age range, but finds herself going on a date with him on Christmas eve. After going out to dinner, she and Marco go back to her place to relax, drink eggnog, and have a possible nightcap. When things begin to get hot and steamy, Rose declines. Marco implies that she needs to live a little and leaves the apartment.

The other main story in the movie is about Nina and Officer Mike. It doesn’t really indicate when their relationship started but they do imply that they are engaged. Nina of course is beautiful, and Mike has a bad problem with his jealousy issues. After dropping off Nina at her job, he sees her hug a man and they kiss each other on the cheek. This, of course, enrages Mike. He then goes to a diner to share a coffee with his partner, Dennis. A mysterious man (you find out later his name is Artie) takes their orders and keeps looking strangely at Mike. Artie serves him almond butter cookies, Mike’s favorite kind. After Dennis picks on Mike about Artie having a crush on him, Mike confronts him while he checks out. Artie claims to have known Mike and asks him to meet him after work to catch up.  When Mike gets home, he sees the same man from Nina’s job decorating their Christmas tree with Nina. He attacks him and destroys the whole tree in the process. Nina rushes out their apartment and leaves Mike to pick up the pieces of his mess.

This is where the paths of the stories cross, when Rose stumbles into a random family’s apartment during their Christmas dinner, and runs into Nina crying in a room. The two become friends and go off to have drinks and discuss their problems. Nina also reveals a secret that she hasn’t shared with Mike yet. In response, Rose gives nina some advice that I thought was great to share with you collegettes:


“Nobody’s perfect, and if you find love–  I mean real love, you just don’t throw it away without a hell of a fight.”

Later during the night, Mike calls around asking where Nina is, looking out the window at the city below. He spots Artie looking up at him from the sidewalk. He storms downstairs to find out what this man wants from him and demands answers.


Will Rose find love again? Will Mike work things out with Nina? And lastly, what does Artie want with Mike? (I’ll give you a hint– their stories are strangely similar to each other) but you have to watch the movie to find out!

I hope you enjoy one of my favorite holiday movies and consider telling your friends about the movie that highlights Paul Walker’s soft side. Happy Holidays Collegiettes! 

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