Parks and Rec Illustrates How You and Your Best Friend are "That" Couple

We all have the special person in our life, our soulmate, our forever friend, the person that we're in friend-love with.

You guys act like you're practically dating, you know their coffee order by heart and you always have an extra shirt to lend them. Wherever you go without them, someone always asks you where they are. They're more than your best friend, because you guys are just as bad as "that" couple that is so overly affectionate to each other, but in the cutest way possible. 

You tell each other how much you mean to each other in your own special way.

You guys bring the party...whatever you do and wherever you go!

As per usual, you’re each others dates to every event. It’s just assumed you’re going together and you don’t even have to ask each other anymore!

You tell each other the truth, no matter what!

People associate you both as a single person--which is fine because you know everything about each other anyways!

Even if they ask you to do something weird for them, you do it because they mean the world to you!

You never let anyone forget where your loyalties lie!

Like all couples though, there are days where you can’t agree on everything...

You are each others coaches, and always have a battle plan for any situation!

And letting each other give up on something is never an option because you want the best for them!

You never fail to spot each other in a crowded room (or from the complete other side of campus!)

Their embarrassments are your embarrassments, and their success is your success!

Every and any reunion you have with each other is like a national holiday!

Numerous times they have been your Woman Crush Wednesday on Instagram because no celebrity tops your best friend!

Even if you’re not around them, you make sure EVERYONE knows you guys are each other’s number ones!

You actually get asked if you’re dating…

But it’s fine because you practically are!

When you meet other couples and ask when they’ve met, you get excited because that’s when you two met, too!

You love spending the holidays with them, especially Christmas because it’s their favorite holiday! You just can't help but love the childish joy they get over decorating, present buying and wrapping and singing Christmas carols in the car!

You will bring them food when they’re sick, bored or hungry because you know the pains of being hangry...

 ...And you know they never mean what they say when they were hungry.

When you shop, you shop for the two of you: food, clothes, everything!

You say "I love you" as often and as many times a day as you can!

And you know who you're in friend-love with because you've been thinking of them this whole time.