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Whether it be about the upcoming release of 1989 (Taylor’s Version), the approach of the one-year anniversary of her tenth and award-smashing album Midnights, or her dating “the boy on the football team,” Travis Kelce, Taylor Swift is being discussed nonstop. With so much on the forefront, the announcement of the Eras Tour movie back in late August almost feels like old news. However, time flies, and with the concert film officially coming out on October 13th, it’s time to end the heated TikTok debates about how to approach this unique theatrical experience. Of course, all guidelines will be spelled out in Taylor quotes, because she really does have a song for everything.

1. Make the friendship bracelets; take the moment and taste it: This has been a given from the beginning and is HIGHLY encouraged, even by Taylor Nation. I anticipate a very large bracelet-trading event occurring way before the movie begins. A Swiftie gathering pre-show, plus considering there are multiple showings a night simply means I don’t think the theaters are ready for the sheer amount and dedication of Swifties- especially when you take the literal earthquake caused at a Seattle show into account. Song: You’re On Your Own, Kid- Midnights

2. The whole place was dressed to the nines: Another essential is dressing up as your favorite- or even just the most aesthetically pleasing- Taylor era! Wear the cowboy boots, the Junior Jewels tee, the cardigans, and the bejeweled bodysuits. No judgement! This is what we’ve been waiting for! Notably, the clothing and accessories within these eras shouldn’t block sight of the screen or distract others. Song: Starlight- Red (Taylor’s Version)

3. United we stand: …Or sit? This question is the key debate among Swifties. The idea to stand and dance seems to be the popular choice, with most movie theaters anticipating and/or not putting a stop to it. However, many watchers don’t want to, or can’t, stand for the 2 hour and 45 minute runtime, but don’t want their vision blocked by those who do stand or dance. Simply put: I would personally read the room during your showing and wear some comfortable shoes, just in case. Song: Death By A Thousand Cuts- Lover

4. Screaming, crying, perfect storms: Given the nature of a concert film, singing and participating in all your favorite chants is to be expected (1, 2, 3, LGB, anyone?). However, the difference between singing and screaming has been discussed as well. From what I’ve seen, singing (and loud singing at that) is to be expected and appreciated, as this is a concert film. On the other hand, screeching to where your neighbor can’t hear the movie is highly discouraged. Song: Blank Space- 1989

5. Taking my time: It’s always a good idea to show up early, regardless of how long ago you got those presale tickets. For one, it’s a good way to meet some local Swiftie friends! This is especially true if you’re trading bracelets. You don’t want to do that during the movie and interrupt someone else’s experience. Although I don’t have an exact time estimate of how long before your showing is the right time to show up, you can always take into account how long that concessions line will wind up… Song: mad woman- folklore

6. One for the money, two for the show: Be prepared to spend a pretty penny. Whether it be on the $19.89 tickets or exclusive Eras Tour popcorn buckets and drink cups, Taylor loves taking our money. Somehow, we always let her. Enough said. Song: champagne problems- evermore

7. I’ll be cleaning up bottles with you: As with any event, concert or movie, it’s still important to respect the venue and the staff! Don’t throw your food or drink because you heard your favorite surprise song (and especially not because you didn’t). That’s not the mess that we wanted. Keep your side of the street clean by throwing away your trash in the bins and avoiding any messes in the theater. And don’t forget to be kind to the employees! Song: New Year’s Day- reputation

8. Long live all the magic we made: Of course, have a great time! For many, this film is the only shot they get at seeing the Eras Tour outside of a live stream. Make it the most fun you’ve ever had- take the moment and taste it! Song: Long Live- Speak Now (Taylor’s Version)

And that’s how it works; that’s how you attend the Eras Tour film! The audiences and their behaviors are bound to be different from show to show, theater to theater, step by step from town to town, and so on… They may change the rules every day! Who knows if there’s a common standard for every show by the time later show dates occur? I will be there opening night in my best gown shaped like a pastry, so don’t blame me if I don’t go by my own rulebook! Until then, consider these suggestions my message in a bottle, and I’ll hope it gets to you.

My name is Jess and I’m currently a junior Theatre Education major at Winthrop! Alongside being passionate about both theatre and education, I love all things Survivor (show), Taylor Swift, and an assortment of other artists and games! I’m excited to professionally ramble about my interests and whatever else crosses my mind!