An Open Letter to a Graduating Senior

Well the time has finally come. Your time at Winthrop is coming to an end. Whether you have been dreading it or looking forward to or a little bit of both, it is here. Your time as an eagle is almost over. 

Although you will no longer be walking down scholars, hanging out in digs, or cramming in Club Dacus, you will forever be part of Winthrop’s legacy. You, in some way or another, whether you realize it or not have made an impact on this campus and this community. Whether you called Winthrop home for all four(or more) years or just one it was still a part of you and you were still a part of it. 

All of the memories you have made can never been taken away. Your college memories are probably some of your fondest. They will never be able to be replaced or recreated. Cherish the ones that you have made and continue to make the most out of your time here because you will wish you had more of it. 

As you prepare to graduate, soak up every second of your time as an undergraduate. Tell the people that made your time at Winthrop special. Do the things that you always wanted to but were to scared to. You are never going to get this time of your life back so make the most of it while you have it. 


Just know that just because you are leaving this campus does not mean that you are leaving this community. You will forever have a home here at Winthrop and it most definitely will not be the same without you.