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An Ode To MySpace

Every person on the Internet has at least one social media outlet that they appreciate. Nowadays there are so many social media websites that one can sign up for and use to interact with people from all over the world. But what website is the best? What website takes the cake?



MySpace is the godfather to all social media (shoutout to you, Tom). MySpace is still an up and running site, but it has changed vastly since our angsty teen middle school days. Back in the day, people would be excited and obsessed with MySpace. If you didn’t have an account, you weren’t cool. The MySpace kids have now moved on to using other sites like Instagram, Twitter,  Snapchat, etc. But let’s take a trip down memory lane and remember why MySpace (or should I say OG MySpace) was, is and will always be one of the greatest websites to ever be created.

  • Customizing your profile was probably one of THE most exciting things you could’ve experienced.

Do you want some sparkly gifs? Do you want a super cute background or how about a simple one? What will your About Me look like? Endless choices to make!

  • Becoming the ultimate code master

If you wanted to have cool colored font on your profile, or a cute slideshow of pictures, you would have to learn codes for each of them. There were just some things MySpace wouldn’t provide and that made coming up with codes all the more fun! The more codes you knew, the cuter your profile could be!

  • Creating your own playlist and showing it off!

Sure there was a lot of pressure trying to pick the perfect music for your perfect page, but wasn’t it just SO cool to be able to show off how amazing your music taste is? You could even customize the way that your playlist looked! You could choose between a standard one, a radio, an ipod, etc!

  • Getting to choose your Top 8 friends or if you were a daredevil, your Top 5!!!

Choosing who would make it onto your Top Friends made it clear who you considered your best friend rather than just a friend. Some people would even be upset with you if they weren’t on your Top Friends list!!

  • PC4PC?

Or should I say, picture comment for picture comment? Getting new comments on your photos was always a great feeling! Especially when people would comment saying that they “own” your photo.

  • One word: BULLETINS!!!

Whether it was you posting a questionnaire as a bulletin, sending a secret note to your crush, or even just looking at what other people posted on their bulletin, bulletins were always something to look forward to! Let’s also not forget that anxious feeling you’d get whenever you’d create your own bulletin and have to wait those long 5 minutes for it to actually post.

2000’s MySpace, you were one of the greatest things to happen to me. It is so sad to think that now you are nothing but a mere memory. I miss you dearly.

Itzel Lara

Winthrop '20

Itzel Lara is a junior Social Studies Education major at Winthrop! She has hopes of becoming a high school teacher, and work her way up to teaching at a university! She has been a staff writer for Her Campus Winthrop for 3 years! One of the many reasons why Itzel loves Her Campus is because of the love that everyone has for one another – Her Campus has been a home away from home for her. She is originally from Los Angeles, California and relocated to South Carolina to continue her education. She is absolutely obsessed with giraffes! She loves exploring new places - especially waterfalls! If she's not binge watching something on Netflix then she's probably napping or hanging out with her dog, Jasper! Follow her on instagram (@ItzelCeleste_)! 
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