No Trip, No Problem: How to Still Have a Fun Spring Break

Spring break is almost upon us and for some people that means big beach getaways, cruises and the like. For others…not so much.

But never fear if a big spring break trip is not in your future there are still many ways to enjoy yourself.


1. Explore:

Whether you’re staying in Rock Hill or going back to your hometown, treat it as though you’ve never been there. Get in the car and just drive without a GPS. Find new businesses to support or a place to have a nice picnic. 


2. Pick up a new hobby:

Do you have a book you’ve been putting off reading? Read it. Paint a canvas, go to a pottery class, try and start learning a new language


3. Find a job or volunteer:

See if someone needs a babysitter for the week, find an elderly woman who might need some errands run, volunteer to clean a house! Get out and do something to help someone else!


4. Get ahead:

As lame as it might sound, do some homework! Go ahead and do that study guide for the test after the break. Go ahead and write that paper that’s due in two weeks. Use the time and be productive. It will probably make your life so much easier. 


5. Just enjoy the time off:

Whether you’re lounging on a sunny beach or stuck working for the week, we still get a whole week off of school. No 8ams or tests or a struggle to find parking on campus. 


Collegiettes, you don't need to have an amazing getaway to have a fun spring break! Make your own fun!