A New Coffee Shop is in Town

So, you are a coffee lover and love nothing more than a cute atmosphere to drink your coffee in right? 

Plus it is college life, so you need places to get work done and let's admit it coffee shops are the best places.

Around a month or so ago a new coffee shop opened up in Rock Hill, SC!

Knowledge Perk!!!

It is located super close to campus (a 2 minute drive!) So you could easily walk or ride a bike there and enjoy the weather! The atmosphere is to die for aesthetically pleasing with the brick walls and furniture that somehow all ties in together. Plus, the different seating arrangements make it fun to change up where you might want to sit and they play throwback alternative hits that really just give it a cool vibe.

And okay, we MUST talk about the coffee!

It is super fresh and has lots of flavor so you do not have to worry about getting watery coffee! They even have a room in the back of the shop and you can watch people bag fresh coffee grounds and beans- I mean it doesn’t get better than that!

PLUS I heard you can make your own custom roast! Ummmmm sign me up please!!!!

The only downfall is you will spend LITERALLY all your money there! So with christmas coming up you might want to ask for a Knowledge Perk gift card to keep yourself from spending so much money on coffee! So brb while I go to Knowledge Perk! 

(all images from Travis Huffstetler)