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To My Unexpected Best Friends

Collegiettes, everyone finds their best friends at some point in life. I met mine in college, and I couldn’t be more thankful! 

To My Unexpected Best Friends:

I am a senior and my sister just started her freshman year at college.  Before she started I told her, “At least make one friend in all of your classes,” that was mostly so she would have someone to ask what she missed or someone to ask for help.

See, when I started college, I had a really difficult time making new friends.  I have terrible social anxiety so meeting new people is overwhelming.  So, I did what I told my sister to do: the bare-minimum.  Just make friends to make it through.  People always talk about how they met their bridesmaids and lifelong friends during “the best four years of their lives.”  I honestly just thought I had did something wrong or I just was unlucky and that wasn’t going to happen for me.

So here I am finishing up college and I can finally say I have met those people.  Not to discredit the friendships I have made over the years, because I am thankful for all the ones I have made, but I finally met my college best friends that everyone talks about.  So, here is a big thank you to you guys…


1. Thank you for helping my self-confidence

You have helped me speak up and be more comfortable because being with you guys is being in my comfort zone.  You guys always give me a confidence boost when I’m down on myself and don’t feel good enough.


2. Thanks for always being up for food .. and drinks

I’ve had my fair share of alone lunches and it is much better when you go with friends. Thanks for enjoying pizza and cinnamon knots from Dominos as much as I do, even if it’s hard to decide who gets the last piece. Thank you for always being ready to order our pitcher of our favorite drink when we’ve all had a rough week.


3.  Thanks for being my shoulder to cry on

Okay, maybe a shoulder to cry on is a little further than what we do, but thanks for willingly listening to the long rant that comes after “.. can I b**** for a second?”  I literally could not make it through some days without being able to pour my heart out to you both. 


4.  Thank you for accepting me

Your lifelong friends know how weird you are, but it’s tough to find people in your 20’s who get to know the real you, and continue to hang out with you anyway.  So, thank you for watching random videos on YouTube and having dance battles while we should be studying.  Thank you for learning all of my flaws and shortcomings but still keeping me around.


5. Thank you for helping me believe in myself

I can tell you guys that I want to move to Atlanta one day then California the next and you still cheer me on.  Even when I feel like I cannot get something done or if I’m not good enough, you guys still push me to be the best version of myself.


6. Thank you for being honest with me

Sometimes we all get a bit irrational.  Thank you for literally telling me the calm the heck down when I am freaking out for no reason.  Thank you for telling me that I need to move on from the past.  Thank you for telling me like it is, even when it’s hard to hear.


Thank you for everything.  If I ever get married, I can see you both standing by my side (because you both have already planned the whole thing). So, thank you for being my unexpected best friends! I couldn’t do life without you guys!

Meet Sierra, a junior digital information design major.  She is forever wishing she could marry Justin Timberlake, travel the world and be Khloe Kardashian's bff. But until that day comes you can find her obsessing over her dog, being extremely awkward, or stressing over sommething she waited too long to start.
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