My Top Horror Movies

Tis the season for warm sweaters, hot coffee, and horror films! I’m in love with horror and suspenseful movies but they never leave a strong impact on me nor do they affect me, even at the most alarming spots. These movies, however, will leave even the bravest souls grossed out, amazed or horrified by their very presence.

So grab some friends, kick back in your dorm and have a movie night with some of the best horror films of all time. These movies will leave you quivering at the scene with chills stretching down every inch of your spine. Enjoy, or don’t, because either way you’ll be able to say you’ve been creeped out to the max.


1) The Shining

Let's be honest who isn't disturbed by these two little girls at the end of the hallway... yikes.


2) The Exorcist

My best friend's mom is so afraid of this movie, she would leave the house if she even knew we would be watching it.


3) The Blair Witch Project

The lack of conclusions horrifies me, we want answers, and we want them NOW!


4) Texas Chainsaw Massacre

At what point do you just give up, Sally? I mean, just all that running and attempts at escaping would put me out for good.


5) Cabin Fever

The possibility of flesh eating bacteria being in our lakes is just... horrifying. And that SFX makeup, almost too perfect to be makeup, if you know what I'm saying.


6) Human Centipede I, II, and III

Entirely disgusting. Just, Why? I didn't need that image in my head. And one was enough but three is excessive.


7) As Above So Below

Paris is beautiful, romantic, and adventurous city but below the streets is a popular tourist attraction. Yet, some archaeologist decides it’s okay to explore hell. I mean it’s literal hell.


8) IT

"Hiya Georgie!" No kid, don't talk to the clown in the gutter. He is NOT your friend. I repeat, he is NOT your friend.


9) Goodnight Mommy

I mean just her face with those bandages should be enough to tell you that this is not for the faint of heart. The fact that the children are so suspicious is so disheartening and horrific, this movie gives me the creeps every time!


10) The Strangers

Because any horror movie that is based on a real event should immediately cause suspicion. Plus, they were innocents who came home at the wrong time.


11) Nightmare on Elm Street

I can’t even sleep anymore without the possibility of being murdered. He comes when you’re most vulnerable!


12) The Ring

Do you remember when some Blockbuster cases had the wrong VHS in it? You would put it in without looking, well I can’t help but imagine what would happen if some poor sucker got this tape and all they wanted was to watch Grease.


13) The Conjuring II

I love the conjuring movies but the best is, by far, the second film because that mirror scene is such a classic jump scare.